Chains selling ‘dangerous’ sugary snacks open more and more outlets in UK

Britain's gone doughnuts – with record numbers of shops selling the deep-fried, sugar-laden treat.

Leading chains like Krispy Creme are making a lot of money opening more and more outlets to cash in on the nation’s sweet tooth.

But health experts have warned the snacks contain “dangerous” amounts of sugar and are fuelling childhood obesity.

Latest figures from Public Health England show a third of kids aged two to 15 – almost four million – are now categorised as overweight or obese.

Meanwhile Krispy Kreme, which arrived here from the US in 2003, now has 118 branches, up from 108 a year ago, says the Local Data Company.

The chain sold more than £75million of doughnuts here last year – and also runs more than 500 kiosks and self-service stands in stores and service stations.

Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons, part of Burger King, has 18 branches, up from 12 last year. And Dunkin’ Donuts, which pulled out of Britain in the mid-90s, is back with five new shops and plans to open dozens more.

Krispy Kreme’s famous glazed doughnut contains 12.6g of sugar – half a primary school child’s daily recommended intake. Its chocolate sprinkles doughnut has 23g.

Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum said: “To reduce childhood obesity we have to reduce these outlets.”

Nutritionist Katharine Jenner, of Action on Sugar, added: “The rise in doughnut shops is worrying. Most of these products contain dangerous amounts of sugar.”

Dr Linda Greenwall of the Dental Wellness Trust said more and more children now needed multiple fillings or extractions because of sugary foods.”

Krispy Kreme said its doughnuts should be “enjoyed occasionally, not as a daily treat”. Dunkin’ Donuts says it offers choices so customers can make “the right decisions”. Tim Hortons did not respond to requests for comment.

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