‘Charmed’ Recap: The Sisters Are Forced To Make A Difficult Decision — Plus: Who Got Killed?

While waiting for The Elders to arrive during the Nov. 4 episode of ‘Charmed’, the sisters’ patience grew thin as they kept a watchful eye on Angela.

Following the entrapment of Angela in last week’s episode, Mel, Macy and Maggie were left with a difficult decision to make during the Nov. 4 installment of Charmed. But first, they had to hide the fact that they even knew about Angela’s whereabouts when Niko and her partner, Detective Trip Bailey, stopped by the manor. Since Mel, Macy and Maggie were three of the last people to see Angela alive (at Maggie’s Halloween party), they were unsurprisingly asked if they knew anything about her disappearance. But, of course, they said they didn’t even know her that well. And their cover-up was working until Angela made a loud noise in the attic. Fortunately — just in the nick of time — one of The Elders, Charity, showed up and pretended she was an interior designer who had employees moving furniture upstairs (hence the loud noise). Because of this, Niko and Trip decided to head out, but it was clear that he still had some suspicions about the sisters.

Later, Charity informed the girls that The Elders had decided it’d be best if they killed Angela. However, Mel wasn’t too happy about that since she still believed Angela’s true self was trapped inside her body. And she also felt that Angela’s current situation was her fault since she and her mom were the ones who pushed Angela to out Professor Thaine, which then led her to falling into a coma and getting possessed by a demon. So Mel did everything she could to prove that theory before Angela’s scheduled execution. And she did, in fact, see a glimpse of Angela during a quick spell in the attic, so Mel quickly snuck Angela out of the house and rallied up her sisters to help their friend. But while Mel was picking up Maggie from campus, she noticed Trip had been following her!

In an effort to escape Trip, Mel used her powers to freeze time and drive away before he could follow them. Then, she and Maggie ended up taking Angela to a nearby warehouse, where the sorority sisters had been working on their homecoming float. Upon finding out Angela had been kidnapped, Harry rushed to the warehouse too. But instead of stopping the girls, he ended up helping them in their mission to save Angela. And by doing so, he was disobeying The Elders. Well, all but one of them — this week, we learned that the girls’ mother was an Elder and she had the power of prophecy. So she knew that one day they would face this demon inside Angela. And Marisol left them a spell to vanquish the demon inside her. That way, they wouldn’t have to kill her as the other Elders had ordered them to do.

Together, Mel, Macy and Maggie recited the spell and tried exorcising the demon from Angela. Charity even helped out after finally coming to her senses. It wasn’t easy, but in the end, the girls succeeded and saved Angela. But not without getting caught by Trip. He walked into the warehouse halfway through the ceremony and from his perspective, it looked as though the girls were torturing Angela. But before he could actually do anything about it, he was killed by a pipe that flew through the air during the spell. Mel was completely devastated, however, Charity urged the girls to run home before the police arrived. And she insisted that she’d handle the situation.

But did she? When Niko came to Mel’s house in tears, she revealed that Trip had “hung himself” in a warehouse and was now being blamed for the “Halloween murders”. So not only did Charity make Trip’s death look like a suicide, but she framed him for all the murders that Angela was guilty of. And in the last scene of this week’s episode, we saw Charity calling someone and saying she had high hopes for The Charmed Ones, but when she got onto an elevator, a demon took the paint can she was carrying The Harbinger in (the one they exorcised from Angela’s body)! So that’s probably not the last we’ll see of this demon from hell.

Side note: In the midst of all this madness, Maggie ran into Parker and kissed him, but later told him it was a huge mistake that never should’ve happened. Yikes!

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