Check Out Lil Wayne’s New ‘Floating’ Mansion In Florida

Rapping sensation Lil Wayne has dolled out $17 million for his new waterfront mansion that sits just off the coast of Miami Beach and is meant to convey the feeling of floating on water.

According to Forbes, his uniquely designed 11,470-square-foot Florida pad features seven bedrooms,10 bathrooms, and an indoor open-air atrium with two 20-foot “living walls” of vegetation. Out front of the home, there is a moat-like pond that has concrete slabs rising out of its depths, much like floating steps, which guests must cross in order to reach the front door.

Inside the dream home, a series of elaborate sliding glass walls give off the illusion of endless space and trick the eye into being unable to tell between the interior and the exterior. There are also floor-to-ceiling windows that stretch 22-feet high and provide plenty of natural sunlight into the expansive home and give the rooms an outdoor-feel.

Other luxury features of the house include an auxiliary kitchen, elevator, cabana pool house, staff quarters and a secluded movie theatre complete with suede wall coverings, oversized loungers, and a massive TV screen. There’s also a three-car garage suite and an outdoor kitchen, so there’s no need to escape the beautiful weather when hunger strikes.

According to Architectural Digest, the bathrooms are a modern mix of glass and marble that also feature floor-to-ceiling windows to look over other rooms within the home. Perhaps in this lavish estate, privacy is more of an idea than a reality. The backyard, which sits on 110 feet of water frontage, includes an outdoor infinity pool with a seating area and cabana, located just feet away from the Florida ocean.

Each bedroom has its own personal ensuite and access to a walkout terrace so guests can enjoy the beautiful tropical views. However, Wayne’s master bedroom is, of course, the most elaborate room of the entire house. As well as having the biggest balcony in the shape of an L, his room also includes a master bath with a custom walk-in closet and a separate comfortable seating area that allows for a beautiful view of the neighboring ocean inlet.

Architect Choeff Levy Fischman designed this elaborate home, as well as Lil Wayne’s previous mansion. In a previous interview with Sun-Sentinel, Fischman explained it is the glass walls and massive windows that provide this waterfront residence its completely unobstructed view of the water outside, thus giving it a “floating” illusion.

“With all doors open, there is a complete connectivity to the outside,” Choeff said. “The whole house works together.”

Prior to purchasing his new mansion, Lil Wayne reportedly sold his Miami Beach home for $10 million, far below his original asking price of $18 million in 2015.

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