Cheeky three-year-old painted herself and her brother brown

You can’t turn your back for a second! Cheeky three-year-old painted herself and her brother, 11, brown while playing with an old make-up set as her mother did DIY in the bathroom

  • Kelly Stevens, 40, from London gave Penny an old make-up palette to play with
  • Thought she would just put on a bit of eye shadow but painted her whole face
  • Left her stepbrother Caleb, 11, looking like extra from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Also smeared brown eye make-up on couch and fingerprints on the walls  

A mischievous tot managed to paint her whole face brown with her mother’s make-up after being left alone for 10 minutes.

Three-year-old Penny Stevens was given the make-up palette by her mum Kelly Stevens who had told her how to use it in the hope of keeping her occupied while she did some repairs in the bathroom at their London home. 

Thinking she would just apply some eyeshadow and a bit of blusher Kelly, 40, was stunned when she saw what Penny had done.

The cheeky youngster had even covered her stepbrother Caleb Stevens, 11, in the make-up palette leaving him looking like ‘an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Cheeky Penny Stevens, three, from London covered herself and her brother Caleb, 11, in make-up after her mother Kelly left her to play with an old cosmetics palette for a few minutes 

Kelly was desperate to keep her daughter Penny entertained for a few minutes while she did some DIY, but admits giving her the make-up was a ‘mistake’

‘My daughter is always desperate to get into my make-up,’ Kelly said.

‘I was doing some DIY in the bathroom and I thought it would keep her entertained for five minutes so I gave her this palette of make-up that I rarely use and a little brush and left her to it. That was a mistake.

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‘I was thinking she’d put a bit of it on – maybe a bit of eye shadow and blusher.

‘I explained to her how to use it and she said ‘okay’ and toddled off. Then she painted her entire face.

Penny is fascinated by her mother’s make-up collection and Kelly decided to let her play with an old palette she doesn’t use anymore 

‘I’d left her for 10 minutes and my stepson called me downstairs to have a look and she was completely covered. I thought “oh my God”.

‘She went for the darkest colours in the palette. I asked her what she was doing and she looked at me and said innocently ‘I’m putting make-up on Caleb’.

‘She had this face of glee like ‘look at me’. She’s a clever child and switched on. She had this look of ‘well you gave me the palette. What do you expect?’ It was my fault because I gave it to her.’

Caleb ended up with make-up in his ear and with black rings around his eyes that made him look like an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean

Kelly has two children and two stepchildren. Left to right: Parker McCann, four, with his brothers Seth Stevens, nine, Caleb Stevens, 11, and stepsister Penny Stevens, three.

According to her mother Kelly, cheeky Penny is ‘three going on 13’ and always has an answer for everything when she’s naughty 

Corporate administrator Kelly, who has two children and two stepchildren, said cheeky Penny also managed to smear make-up on the sofa and a pouffe.

Kelly, who got the palette thought to be worth at least £40 as a present, said: ‘Luckily it was wipe clean. There were little finger marks and smudges on the wall.

‘I had to use a hot cloth cleanser to get it off. Children’s soap wouldn’t touch it.

‘Caleb had it in his ear so I had to use a cotton bud to remove it. He had these black rings around his eyes – he looked like an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean.

After Penny had finished with the make-up palette there were smears of dark eyeshadow on the couch and fingerprints on the wallpaper 

‘He had a shower and we had to send him back to wash his face again.

‘My husband Phil found it really funny. Penny’s always doing something to make us laugh. I couldn’t be cross with her. She’s a law unto herself.

‘She loves my make-up. I have a lot and she’s always coming down the stairs holding one of my lipsticks. She used a red one once and then thought she had blood on her face so hasn’t tried that again.

‘She’s very cheeky and clever. She’s three going on 13 and she’s got an answer for everything.’

Penny, pictured trying on her mother’s earrings and red lipstick, is always eager to get her hands on make-up and accessories 


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