‘Children almost hit in drive-by shooting’ near primary school

Children were almost caught in the crossfire of a 'targeted drive-by' near a school this afternoon, witnesses say.

Shots were fired near Lark Hill Primary School in Salford at roughly 3pm.

A blue Renault Megane with bullet holes in the front and rear windscreen is near where the gunfire was heard, reports the Manchester Evening News.

It is understood that the shooting started near a parade of shops with a person or persons on a motorbike opening fire on the Renault.

The shooting continued as the motorbike pursued the car towards Clarendon Recreation Centre. The Renault was then abandoned close to the centre.

Councillor John Warmisham said: "I'm extremely concerned that this shooting took place as children who have come out of Lark Hill Primary School were visiting shops nearby.

"In addition there were members of the public and people using Clarendon Recreation Centre."

No arrests have been made and no one is thought to have been hurt.

A resident on Port Soderick Avenue said: "We were inside when it happened. My son heard about seven shots, it sounded like fireworks.

"We saw a car with its back screen all smashed through."

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