Cleaning fanatic shares burnt toaster hack that gets it spotless in seconds

A cleaning fanatic has revealed a hack that allows you to get a burnt toaster spotless in seconds.

The savvy cleaning fan said that unexpected household item will get it sparkling clean in an instant.

And that item is… toothpaste!

A woman revealed she used the cheap household item to get her toaster clean in Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks.

Sharing before-and-after photos of the cleaning hack, she wrote: "The things we do during lockdown!"

She was seen applying a thin layer of toothpaste over the top of the toaster as she focused on the dirtiest areas.

The Mrs Hinch fan then scrubbed away the stains using a toothbrush.

This left her toaster beautifully clean as it practically looked brand new again.

The trick works as the toothpaste has gentle exfoliating properties which works as good on some metals as it does on teeth.

Other social media users were loving the hack, with her post racking up hundreds of likes.

Many others in the group also shared their experiences as they admitted they were gobsmacked by the results.

One exclaimed: "I use it to clean my iron!"

As another added: "Oh my goodness, this looks amazing!"

A third chimed in: "Wow I must try this."

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