Cole Sprouse’s New Blonde Hair Is Giving Me Flashbacks To His ‘Suite Life’ Days, & I Love It

I grew up binge-watching The Sweet Life of Zack & Cody during Disney Channel marathons, so in my mind, the Sprouse twins will always be mischevious little blondes at heart. However, Cole Sprouse managed to do a full 180 with his appearance when he dyed strands jet-black, and his Jughead look has definitely become his new "normal." Don’t get me wrong, I love his darker, more edgy look, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw Cole Sprouse’s new blonde hair on Instagram the other day. Someone call London, Maddie, Esteban and Mr. Moseby, we’re getting the gang back together! Okay, maybe not, but Sprouse’s new look is a total throwback to the good old days, so let me enjoy this, will you?

Considering Riverdale has absolutely taken over television, I’m pretty sure you know what Cole Sprouse’s dark black hair looks like. While he does often cover the bulk of it up with a beanie while playing Jughead, it’s still a sharp contrast to his pale complexion, and something about it is just so bad boy with a heart of gold. Can a hair color really say that much about a person? I’m arguing that yes, yes it can.

One bad boy with a heart of gold, coming right up:

If you need a refresher, this is what his natural blonde hair looks like, seen here circa 2011:

Adorable, right? He and twin brother Zach were two blonde peas in an iconic Disney pod:

Wow, I love memory lane. But let’s not lose sight of the present development, people! Cole took to Instagram Stories this week to oh-so-casually debut his new back-to-blonde look. Imagine dropping a hair color bomb like this with no explanation? He’s still a bad boy at heart, obvi.

Cody Martin, is that you? Where’s Zach?

OMG, at first glance, I really did think this was his brother Dylan, who never strayed from his childhood blonde locks:

Can we take a moment to picture how darn cute Cole and girlfriend Lili Reinhart are going to look together now that they’re both blonde?

Obviously, Twitter was shook by the dramatic, seemingly random change:

And while most fans were thrilled, some die-hard Jughead-lovers were not pleased:

Between Cole’s blonde hair, Miley Cyrus reviving Hannah Montana, and the JoBros making a comeback, one fan pointed out that it feels like we’ve time-traveled back to 2009. Personally, I’m not complaining:

Is Sprouse returning to his blonde roots for a new role — perhaps a Suite Life revival? Not likely, but it could in fact be a new role of some sort, considering he told PopBuzz in a recent interview that he has a project lined up for the summer. Either way, the look is straight fire, and it’s got me thinking blondes really do have more fun, dark-haired bad boy persona be damned. Still, just to confirm the lighter locks are here to stay, I’m going to need an all-blonde photo of Cole and Dylan together, as well as one of Cole and Lili. Oh, and also, a Suite Life revival, please. Did I mention that?

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