Colleagues prank man with parcel that makes postie think he’s a ‘panty sniffer’

A bloke was horrified this week after his colleagues ordered him a prank “used knicker set” which he worries made him look like a “panty sniffer” to the postman.

Sharing a snap of the purple parcel, he uploaded it to Reddit in the CasualUK forum to give other people a laugh.

And, thousands of Brits chuckled at the lewd packaging his co-workers had pranked him with.

On the front of the parcel it said: “Used knicker set – 48 hour odour guaranteed.”

Underneath was a photo of a woman’s behind wearing a pair of lacy underwear.

It also said: “Guaranteed #fullysoiled. No. 1 in used knickers – sealed for freshness.”

The parcel purported that it came from “” but it was from eBay and costs just £2.99 to embarrass your mates.

The pranked colleague wrote: “Colleagues think they're funny and now my postman thinks I'm a panty sniffer… happy Monday haha!”

In the comments, over 100 people had their say on the trick.

One person wrote: “The best way to do this prank is to not post it to the person in question, but send it to a neighbour’s address but the prankee’s name in the hopes that a picture of it goes on the local Facebook group with their name.”

While another said: “A friend of mine pulled something like this with my brother, ordered some sort of sex toy with very non-discreet packaging as a joke.

“However brother wasn't home when the postie tried delivering, so of course the postie decides to deliver it to my dad who lives down the road…”

While a realist added: “Any postie with at least half a brain would be able to work out that it’s probably bunch of mates messing around. They’ve probably seen similar pranks thousands of times.”

To which a post man replied: “Yeah you get loads of these nowadays.

“The lads are usually more entertained by the slightly open Lovehoney boxes discreetly sent from 100 Locksbrook or the Ann Summers from Gold Group.”

And, someone asked whether the joke parcel actually came with underwear inside.

The poster noted: “Sadly no, just a card saying you've been pranked.”

But, it seems the trick was funny enough for people to place orders for their co-workers.

One such prankster said: “Just ordered one for my mate to his work address, he's the company owner so should go down well I think.”

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