This Company Is Giving Away A FREE Vacation To Thailand Or Spain & Here’s How To Win

If you list Instagram as a special skill on your resume, get ready to polish that baby up and send it out because a dream opportunity has just been listed. Visa’s Cashless Challenge will send one person on a free vacation to Thailand or Spain, and, OK, where do I send in my application? It’s not so much "job" as it is a "trip," sure, but still — if you’re the selected winner for the Visa Cashless Challenge: International Travel Edition, you’ll be gaining some serious social media clout, and you’ll be able to travel while doing it. Win-win, much?

Want to upgrade your skill for photography and pen captivating captions, earning you a tidal wave of new followers so that you too can level up influencer status? According to Clapit, more than a quarter of millennials want to make the job transition into social media star. If that sounds like your #careergoals, then this is the trip that can kick off your career. With the help of Visa Cashless Ambassadors Alex and Marko Ayling (@TheVagaBrothers) and Arden Cho (@arden_cho), whoever wins Visa’s challenge will receive "pro tips" in photography, video, and copywriting from the influencers, as well as the trip.

So, how does one win? Getting sent on a cashless trip with Visa isn’t so much about your past job experiences. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dish about what you think your strengths and weaknesses are in an awkward interview. To get your all expenses trip to either Spain or Thailand (valued at $21,660) — pause for dramatic effect — all you need to do is upload a two-minute video.

Yep. A two-minute video can be your ticket to a week long adventure, all cashless, all paid for, and all documented on your social media. All U.S. residents who are 18 or over and have a public Instagram account are eligible to apply. Just send in a two-minute video summing up why you love to travel, why you’re the next social media star, and what makes you excited about going cashless, by June 15. The finalist will be announced in July — and the reward? Your choice between a Visa Cashless Ambassador-curated itinerary of either Spain or Thailand. In Spain, the Ayling brothers list adventuring in Basque Country including paddle boarding and exploring awe inspiring caves. Cho’s Thailand includes a spa day and meditation.

So, yes, I would like to officially state that what makes me excited about going cashless is not having leftover currency that I accidentally try to use at my corner deli upon returning home, only to be embarrassed for holding up the line, and then have nothing to do with it but hoard coins on a random shelf that gathers dust. Can that count as my official application? That spa day sounds really good right now.

Whichever trip the finalist chooses to embark on, the week-long itinerary is sure to be oozing with Instagram opportunities. Whether you’re photographing you and a friend paddle-boarding in the electric blue waters of Spain or sinking into a plush lounge chair in Thailand, you’re sure to gain a following. I mean, I will definitely follow your adventures. These carefully and professionally designed itineraries are bound to churn out jaw dropping content.

To review, as one does when they promptly prep for an opportunity like this, interested applicants have until June 15 to send in a two-minute video answering a few questions. The finalist will be selected in July and get to choose between a cashless trip to Spain or Thailand. Less time at the ATM means more time lounging at that really cool cafe perfect for an overhead shot of your seafood spread.

If you have dreams of becoming a social media star, this is the perfect opportunity to launch. What are you waiting for? Record that video for the cashless, all expenses paid, trip of your wildest dreams!

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