Couple reveal heartbreak at being BANNED from seeing granddaughter

Heartbroken grandfather reveals he’s NEVER met his granddaughter, four, because his son and daughter-in-law cut all contact – and even threatened to have them arrested for harassment

  • Teresa and Stuart Poole, from East Anglia, aren’t allowed to see their grandchild
  • They didn’t get on with their son’s partner, who they believe has banned them
  • It was recently reported that grandparents rights could be enshrined into law

A couple have revealed their heartbreak at being banned from seeing their granddaughter after their son and daughter-in-law cut all contact.

Teresa and Stuart Poole, from East Anglia, have been threatened with arrest for harassment if they continue to try and contact their son and his wife about seeing their four-year-old granddaughter.

Appearing on This Morning, the couple pleaded with their son to give them access to the little girl and said they were willing to ‘let bygones be bygones’. 

Stuart, who has never met his granddaughter, admitted he was distraught because he had been ‘best friends’ with his son when he was growing up.   

Teresa and Stuart Poole, from East Anglia, claim they aren’t allowed to see their grandchild

Viewers took to Twitter to show their support for Teresa and Stuart, saying everyone had the right to know their grandparents. 

It comes after it was revealed grandparents could soon have their right to see their grandchildren after parents divorce enshrined in the law, under proposals being discussed by ministers.

Stuart has never met their granddaughter, while Teresa has met her only twice, once shortly after her birth and the last time when she was two months old.

She said: ‘It was very emotional the first time because it had been long time since I’d seen them, and obviously meeting your first grandchild is very emotional. 

‘The second time it seemed a bit more relaxed, I was allowed to hold her it was and near Christmas so we opened presents. I thought this was it. We spoke so positively about the future, I was going to take her swimming as a little baby.’

But their son and daughter-in-law soon stopped answering their calls. Stuart and Teresa have since tried everything to get back in touch with them.

Viewers voiced their support for the couple, saying children have the right to know their grandparents

They even resorted to phoning the engineering firm where their son worked and asked his colleagues to pass on a message to him. 

They later received a phone call from the police warning them to stay away from their son and his family and to stop contacting them, saying they were at risk of being arrested for harassment.

Tessa and Stuart said they had been a close family until their son left home aged 17 to attend college in Wales.

They claimed his now wife had never seemed interested in getting to know them, even when they first started dating.   

Stuart has never met his granddaughter, and is devastated by the loss of his son and ‘best friend’

It was recently revealed that grandparents’ right to see their grandchildren after parents divorce could be enshrined in the law

They started to lose contact when their son and his partner, who had been living at the family home, moved out in November 2012. Their daughter was born in August 2013.  

It was heartbreaking for the couple, but particularly for Stuart, who said he was ‘best friends with his son.

He said: ‘I still absolute adore and love my son, I have no connection with my granddaughter because I’ve never seen her. Let bygones be bygones.

‘I’d do anything to get my son back and see my granddaughter. I’m willing to accept his partner in our lives, we just need them in our lives.’ 

The proposed change in the law would establish a ‘presumption’ that grandparents, uncles and aunts should have access to their grandchildren, nephews and nieces after the children’s parents split up.

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