Crazy Cyclist Shoots Fireworks At Biker

An insane cyclist decided to take revenge after being cut off by a motorcycle by shooting fireworks at the biker.

A regular night on the roads in Russia?

Actually, we have no idea where this takes place (although judging by the license plate it’s probably not Russia). But it certainly seems like something you’d see on the mean streets of Russia, if the internet is to be believed.

In a video posted to Reddit, a bicyclist decides to exact revenge on a biker that cuts him off by launching bottle rockets at him. The cyclist’s ride was specifically modified with a paper tube taped to the frame so that he could lean over, insert a bottle rocket or other improvised explosive projectile, and light it. The rocket would then go roughly in the same direction as where the bike is pointed.

The first shot fired from the angry cyclist goes wide, but follow up shots are a little more on the mark. After a few close calls, the motorcyclist eventually ditches his ride but the bicyclist never relents. Reloading with a roman candle, he launches fiery balls at the fleeing biker until he eventually runs out of ammo and stops.

But, as awesome as the idea of a cyclist MacGyvering his revenge on a passing motorcycle, the video is almost certainly staged.

First off, the motorcycle cuts off a guy riding a bicycle in the bike lane despite the fact there was a completely open road. People may universally hate cyclists, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to go out of their way and risk an accident just to show it.

Second, the video takes place in the middle of the night when it is far less likely that passing motorists will complain about the crazy whackjob firing bottle rockets from his bike. That sort of thing typically lands you in jail.

Third, the motorcyclist exhibits some questionable decision making, as even though he never seems to get struck by a single bottle rocket he lays down his motorcycle to run away on foot. He could have easily sped up to outrun the cyclist, who was clearly not pedaling all that hard, but instead chose to keep his speed roughly the same as the bicycle to stay within range of his shots.

But it’s still a nice stunt, and maybe it’ll lead to some real-life copycats. On second thought, for legal indemnity reasons, please do not copy the idiotic men in this video.

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