Crazy Priest Criticizes Fire Alarms At Planned Parenthood Sites

A Catholic priest said that installing fire alarms at planned parenthood is the same as trying to help Nazis during the holocaust.

Catholic Answers Live is a radio show that’s posted to hosted by Father Paul Keller and guests. In a call-in segment called “Open Forum” Father Keller fields questions about theology and religion, getting the Catholic take on such issues as abortion, sexuality, and contraception.

One caller named Matthew from Nebraska said he installed fire alarms for a living and asked if it would be ethical to install fire alarms at Planned Parenthood. Father Keller’s response was, frankly, quite shocking.

“It would be not a good thing to be involved in helping somebody who’s taking a life,” Father Keller began. “Think about if you were in Nazi Germany, and you were asked by Hitler to install a fire alarm, or a sprinkler system, in one of the guards’ shacks right next to the ovens that were killing Christians and Jews, and so forth.”

First of all, it was mostly Jews that were killed in the holocaust, but we’ll skip over that for the much larger outrage of comparing an abortion clinic to an internment camp in Nazi Germany. But Father Keller wasn’t done, and he doubled-down on his disgusting rhetoric with another awful comparison.

“Or the Ku Klux Klan. Suppose the Ku Klux Klan asked you to do this similar work in one of their offices, but they are completed devoted to being anti-Catholic and being totally racist and so forth. So no, you wouldn’t want to do that.”

First Nazi Germany, then the KKK – two august institutions I’m sure most of us would think are the scum of the Earth. But no, Father Keller goes even one step further by saying Planned Parenthood is even worse than either of those.

“And it’s the same thing, only worse, with this company, because that is Planned Parenthood, because their business is to kill babies in the womb, and we should have nothing to do with it. We should not aid and abet them in any way whatsoever. So, yes, it would be unethical to work with them, for them, in any way.”

Let’s be clear, that nobody of any religion should be wishing someone else to die in a fire for any reason. Ever. Full stop.

You can listen to the full exchange at about 36:52 into the recording here, but I don’t recommend it.

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