Croissant Butter Soft Serve Is Available in New York

Can’t decide between breakfast or dessert? The new croissant butter soft serve may be just what you’re looking for!

The unusual flavor of the popular summer treat comes from Supermoon Bakehouse on the lower east side of New York City. According to the bakery’s Instagram, croissant butter soft serve, which made its debut on June 27, has a mind-blowing flavor, taste and texture that is “exactly what you’re imagining.”

“It’s a sweet, salty, buttery, icy cold f–ing dream,” the bakery adds, noting that the full-fat, unique food comes covered in dehydrated extra crunchy croissant crumbs that have been “flavorfied” in extra salt and sugar.

And in addition to the croissant crumbs, a helping of croissant butter soft serve comes with a slice of Supermoon Bakehouse’s signature croissant that has been twice baked with extra salt, butter and sugar on it.

Since this dessert is destined to become an Instagram star, every soft serve also comes in a hyper color-changing cup with an equally vibrant spoon. Both serving pieces change color with heat and cold, creating a lively burst of color that really compliments the soft serve.

If the comments on Supermoon Bakehouse’s Instagram are any indication, croissant butter soft serve is going to be very, very popular this summer. “Best soft serve ever,” wrote one user.

Another added: “This is pretty much my sole reason for wanting to go to NY.”

Tell Us: Would you try croissant butter soft serve?

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