Curvy hips are the new bum it’s sparked a surgery trend

Forget the belfie… it’s all about HIP cleavage: Stars showing off their dramatic curves in VERY high cut bikini briefs spark surge in requests for the ‘perfect’ waist to hip ratio

  • Kim Kardashian is among those showing off dramatic waist-to-hip ratio online 
  • Leading cosmetic surgeon told Femail that ‘hips are the new bum’
  • Dr Foued Hamza said patients want fat transferred from the tummy to the hips  

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have long led the trend for curvaceous derrieres – and sparked countless copycat cosmetic surgeries around the world. 

But according to a leading cosmetic surgeon, patients’ focus has shifted from boosted behinds to impossibly curvy hips. 

Dr Foued Hamza, famed for pioneering the Brazilian butt lift, explained that stars showing off their ‘hip cleavage’ – the line created where a narrow waist flares out to a curvaceous hip – in outrageously high-cut bikini briefs has sparked a surge in requests for similarly dramatic waist-to-hip ratios from clients.  

Dr Hamza said patients are requesting fat transfers from their stomach to their hips to create a small waist and ‘thicker’ hips – just like Kim Kardashian or Blac Chyna.

A waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 – or a waist measurement of exactly 70 per cent of the hips – has long been vaunted as the ideal, and now Dr Hamza says more and more women are determined to get it.  

The surgeon, who runs clinics in both London’s Harley Street and Paris, said: ‘The hips are what my patients are asking for now, it is not just about the bottom.

‘It is all about a curvy body silhouette as a whole that they want to achieve,it is not about simply providing women with bigger bottoms. 

Speaking about the fat transfer surgery, which costs in the region of £6,500 to £10,000, he said: ‘My patients are increasingly coming and asking for to remodel their body according the golden ratio waist to hip measurement, by removing the fat from the waist and tummy, and then adding it to the hips and buttocks to get the famous number 0.7.’

Here, Femail takes a look at some of the curvaceous stars responsible for sparking the craze…

Kim Kardashian is leading the celebrity trend on Instagram of showing off dramatic ‘hip cleavage’ in high waist bikini bottoms and swimsuits, sparking a demand for surgery

Often crediting controversial waist trainers for their ‘snatched’ midriffs, stars with dramatic waist-to-hip ratios have seen hips take over as the new bottoms (Kendall Jenner seen)

Bella Hadid is among the stars showing off her impressive proportions in high-waisted underwear

Surgeon Dr Foued Hamza, pioneering doctor in Brazilian Butt lifts, told Femail he has seen a rise in patients requesting fat transfer from their stomach to their hips (Kylie Jenner seen)

Dr Hamza says ‘golden waist-to-hip ratio’ is worked out by dividing waist measurement by that of hips (model Ashley Graham seen)

Blac Chyna is a fan of high-waisted swimsuits and underwear, frequently taking to Instagram to show off her jaw-dropping proportions

Beyonce also has  enviable proportions, and despite being responsible for sparking trend for curvy derrieres, the emphasis has now moved to hips

Iggy Azalea has long been admired for her hourglass proportions, and according to Dr Hamza, patients request the perfect ‘0.7 ratio’

Nicki Minaj is another star famed for her incredible curves, and cuts an impressive figure from all angles

Amber Rose initally rose to fame for her curves, which caught Kanye West’s eye before the duo dated 

Nicole Scherzinger has previously spoken out about her curves, which helped her rise to fame during her time in band The Pussycat Dolls

Love Island’s Olivia Buckland previously hit back at photoshop claims, explaining that the tattoo on her waist and knowing her angles made for her enviable hip to waist ratio

Kylie Jenner frequently posts pictures of her new-found curves in an array of figure-hugging ensembles

Jess Wright was seen getting in on the trend as she posed in a dangerously high-cut white swimsuit on holiday this month

Kim Kardashian is famed for her hourglass curves from all angles, and is known for flaunting them online

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