Customers at NY McDonald’s say they found worms in drink

Multiple McDonald’s customers in Lyons, NY, claimed to have found worms at the bottom of their soft drink cups, prompting an investigation by the New York State Health Department.

The health department has received several complaints, dating back to March, from customers who allegedly spotted worms in their cups.

College student Samantha Giles told WROC-TV she had finished her drink on March 7 and went to chew the ice leftover when she saw the worm. She called the McDonald’s franchise location and filled out an accident report before calling the state health department.

“[The health department] had it tested, and told me it was an earthworm,” Giles, who was reportedly pregnant at the time, said to WROC-TV.

The following month, customer Justin Confer told WROC-TV his daughter found a worm at the bottom of her drink, too.

“Our family is just…we’re absolutely disgusted with it,” Confer said.

The state health department and Wayne County Sheriff’s Office are both investigating how the worms got into the cups.

The McDonald’s franchise owner told Fox News in a statement that they are cooperating with the investigation.

“Serving safe, high-quality food and beverages is my top priority and we have worked with the local Health Department and Police Department to look into this claim. We’re taking this situation very seriously, including action to ensure that this doesn’t happen again,” the statement read.

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