Dad of girl killed by millionaire’s son says his early jail release is "a joke"

The furious dad of a girl who died after a horror car crash has blasted the killer's early release from jail today.

Antonio Boparan, the son of a multi-millionaire, was ordered to serve 18 months in jail for death by dangerous driving but was today let free after just seven months .   

He ploughed his parents' Range Rover Sport into a Jeep at 70mph in a 30mph zone, a crash which left Cerys Edwards with devastating injuries as a baby in November 2006.

She spent the next nine years requiring round-the-clock care and permanently dependent on a ventilator and died at Birmingham Children's hospital on October 17, 2015.

Speaking from his home in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands today, Cery's grief-stricken dad Gareth Edwards said: "He has served 13 months in total for killing a little girl – where is the justice in that?

"He is out in time to spend Christmas with his family and all I will be doing is laying a wreath on my daughter's grave.

"The sentence was a joke to start with but I just have no words to learn he hasn't even served half of his prison term. What has gone on here?"

Boparan, heir to a £800 million chicken fortune, was just 19 at the time of the horrific crash.

Mr Edwards, who is a builder, called him "a privileged little boy".

He added: "I never though I'd live to see the day where the British justice system aired on the side of a child killer.

"He has effectively gotten away with killing my daughter. Nobody even told me he had been freed.

"It has been four years this month since Cerys died and it doesn't get any easier.

"It has ruined my life, I lost my marriage and my home and he gets 13 months for killing a little girl – its a disgrace."

Cerys had dozens of operations after the crash.

She was paralysed and a post mortem revealed the youngster had died as a result of injuries sustained in the collision.

The little girl was awarded £5million compensation in 2012, along with a guaranteed annual payout of £450,000 to help pay for her annual care bill.

At the time Judge Martin McKenna, sitting at Birmingham County Court, described it as the "saddest and most tragic case" he had ever come across.

But Mr Edwards continued: "The legal system has sided with the perpetrator rather than the victim and that is the biggest travesty of justice.

"We unsuccessfully appealed to the Attorney General when he was jailed so now its just time to try and move on.

"That is what Cerys would have wanted as she idolised me, so that is what I am going to try and do from now."

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