Daily horoscope for March 24: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Feelings could get a bit lost in the mix today as the moon squares with Neptune and Mercury this morning, stirring difficulties around boundaries, rules, limits – and plan re-jigs. Embrace the spontaneous urges the moon brings you today, but make sure to balance your needs with those around you.

Sagittarius is the sign of leaps of faith, which answers for the impulsive and adventurous urges you might experience today. An inspiring veil will wash over, bringing with it a sense of hopeful optimism that could help push you to deliver on ideas.

However, as the moon squares Neptune and Mercury in the morning, you could feel slightly disoriented and more prone to misunderstandings.

Cafe Astrology said: “The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius until 21.54pm GMT, stimulating our need to break the routine and experience life more spontaneously.”

As it squares planets Neptune and Mercury, you should “watch for difficulties with boundaries, rules, and limits or attempts to take the easy way out”.

The lunar square with the planets is due at 12.59pm GMT, which could send you round in circles as you try to balance your spontaneous needs with those around you.

This shouldn’t last long, as the moon will slowly transition into Capricorn in the early afternoon, allowing you to seek clarity later in the day.

Cafe Astrology said: “The Capricorn Moon will turn our attention to our goals and performance.”

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When the Moon moves into the pragmatic sign of Capricorn, it tends to make us feel a little more cautious, serious, and grounded than we normally are – which will certainly be felt after the spontaneity woven through our actions throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Responsibilities and practical priorities will come into a sharper focus as a result, and you’ll find yourself sticking faster to your plans and to-do list.

Tarot.com said: “Instead of being concerned with short-term satisfaction, you’ll be more inclined to dig in and focus on your long-term goals.”

You might feel an increased desire for success, spurring an urge to kickstart efforts on a venture today that may pay off for you if it comes to fruition.

Tarot.com continued: “The good news is that this industrious Earth sign also gives you a shot of determination to achieve whatever it is you’ve set your sights on.

“Capricorn is a natural born leader, so you may end up volunteering to head up a big project at work.

“You might also feel the urge to start looking at the next stage of your career and map out how you’ll get there.”

So use this day to explore creative ideas in the morning, and map out a plan in the afternoon – the moon and planet placement should bring with it some good luck to get the ball rolling.

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