Damarious Randall: 5 Things About NFL Star Who Vows To Buy Cavs Jerseys For Anyone Who RTs Him

Damarious Randall’s promised over 600,000 fans he’ll buy them Cavs jerseys if they win the NBA Finals! — All you have to do is retweet him, and your jersey order is in! Will he pay up if they win? Here’s 5 facts about Randall!

1. Damarious Randall, 25, has deep pockets… apparently. — He’s got a lot riding on the NBA Finals matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Randall took to Twitter on May 29 with a hefty promise to his thousands of Twitter followers, tweeting, “If the Cleveland Cavaliers win the 2018 NBA Finals I’ll buy everyone who retweet’s this a jersey…” And, after just 24 hours, he racked up nearly 700,000 retweets. So, let’s hope he’s got a lot of cash in the bank IF the Cavs win the seven-game series; Or, he better hope fans don’t keep the receipts. Randall’s tweet became the most re-tweeted ever for an NFL player. The NBA Finals begin on Thursday, May 31. 

2. Fans are a bit ticked at Randall. — Why? Although he’s apparently a Cavs fan now, there’s evidence to support that he is or was a Warriors fan, specifically a Steph Curry, 30, fan. “I’m glad the Cavs made it to the finals so I can watch Curry light that b–ch up Game 3 & 4,” Randall tweeted on May 27. He also rocked a Steph Curry jersey on his Instagram on May 7.

3. He’s a safety for the Cleveland Browns. — Randall was originally drafted No. 30 in the first round of the 2015 draft. He spent two years with the team until 2018. In an offseason trade, the Packers agreed to trade Randall in exchange for DeShone Kizer and a swap of both fourth and fifth-round draft picks. The Browns then exercised the fifth-year option on Randall’s contract in April 2018.

4. Randall’s an Arizona State alum. — After playing college baseball at Butler Community College, he eventually transferred to Arizona State, where he he was a standout star. He started all 13 games in his senior year, finishing with a team-leading 106 tackles, three interceptions, four forced fumbles, one sack and a touchdown. He was later ranked the top safety prospect in the draft by NFL analyst Mike Mayock, was ranked the top free safety in the draft by NFLDraftScout.com, was ranked the second best safety by NFL analyst Charles Davis, and was ranked the seventh best safety by Sports Illustrated. 

5. He grew up in Pensacola, Florida. and has killer style. — Just take a look…

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