David Spade Teaches Vicki Barbolak L.A. Lingo During Hilarious ‘AGT’ Finale Skit

Vicki Barbolak is one lucky lady — she was joined by none other than comedic genius, David Spade, for her ‘AGT’ finale performance! Obviously, it was HILARIOUS!

If you’re like us, you’re totally cracking up over that collaboration between Vicki Barbolak and David Spade on the America’s Got Talent stage! The season 13 finalist, who’s been bringing the laughs all season long, got the chance to perform with a real pro during the two hour AGT finale on Sept. 19, and hilarity ensued. With Vicki being new to L.A., she needed some of David’s help with deciphering what people mean when they say certain things.

“What do people mean when they say I’ll have your people get back to my people?” Vicki wondered, to which David joked back, “Oh, I’ve heard that before. It’s means you didn’t get the job.” Vicki was also confused about what it means when another comedian tells you they have great ideas for you. “That usually means they want to borrow money,” David explained. And what about when someone says their house is Beverly Hills adjacent? According to David, that means, “They live in the Valley with their mother.” LOL!

The jokes only got funnier from there. David told Vicki that when someone says they’re an actor working in TV and film…it really means they “drive for Uber and Lyft.” He also explained that anytime someone has an “emergency doctor’s appointment,” it’s really just code for saying that they’re getting Botox! The two fed off each other extremely well, and had the audience and judges in fits.

Before the end of this episode, Vicki will find out where she places amongst the final competitors on this season of AGT. She could VERY well be named the winner! Of course, she’s up against some tough competition: Electric violinist Brian King Joseph, Opera singer Daniel Emmet, Singer Glennis Grace, Acrobatic group Zurcaroh, Comedian Samuel J. Comroe, singer Courtney Hadwin, Magician Shin Lim, Trapeze Duo Duo Transcend and singer Michael Ketterer. It’s anyone’s game, as the performances were all AMAZING during part one of the finale on Sept. 18.

Meanwhile, it’s great to see David bringing the laughs on the AGT stage, as it’s been quite a rough few months for him. The actor’s sister-in-law, Kate Spade, sadly died on June 5 at age of 55. The New York Medical Examiner confirmed that her cause of death was by hanging.

“It’s been very tough, obviously,” David admitted, during an interview in July. “It’s very sweet that everyone came out of the woodwork and that she really made an impact. But she was such a lovely, great spirit, obviously will be missed.”

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