Demi Lovato Claps Back At Designers Who Won't Dress Bebe Rexha For The Grammys

Singer-actress Demi Lovato has always been a body-positive advocate, and even recently took to Instagram to voice her criticism of fat-shaming. And so it’s only natural that she would have some positive words in support of Bebe Rexha, who took the fashion industry to task in an Instagram video, saying she was “too big” for a number of design houses to dress her for the Grammys. In the Instagram comments and first spotted by People, Lovato praised Rexha for taking a stand.

In the video, Rexha explained, “I had my team hit out a lot of designers, and a lot of them do not want to dress me because I’m too big. Literally, like, I’m too big.”

“If a size 6/8 is too big, then I don’t know what to tell you,” she said. “Then I don’t want to wear your f—king dresses because that’s crazy ‘cause you’re saying that all the women in the world that are a size 8 and up are not beautiful and they cannot wear your dresses.”

Lovato immediately rushed to Rexha’s defense. “F—king preach!” the singer commented. “Love this and you for speaking your mind and using your voice!!!” she added.

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Earlier this month, Lovato spotted an ad for Game of Sultans calling an average weight woman “obese” and comparing her to a thinner, “pretty” woman. “Why is this fat shaming bullsh*t on my feed?” she asked. “You can be ‘pretty’ at any weight.” The game company apologized and took the ad down.

Meanwhile, Rexha has received a number of offers to dress her for the Grammys. So it sounds like the vocal comments that the two singers have made are helping to, slowly, make a difference in the industry.

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