Demi Moore’s Secret to Looking Young Is So Disgusting You'll Question Everything

Either Demi Moore converted to vampirism or became Benjamin Buttons because clearly the actress is aging backwards. So what’s her secret?

We took a deep dive into her beauty routine, examining her skincare and health approach from years ago to today. And what we uncovered could be considered to be a little shocking. Buckle up and maybe wait to eat. Would you try her secret on page 5 to stay young?

1. Moore made some obvious skincare moves

She’s a firm believer in moisturizing. | Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Like using a lot of moisturizer, which is somewhat of a typical anti-aging move. “I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize,” Moore told Marie Claire. “No matter how late it is, when I get home, I take the time to clean and moisturize my face. I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of makeup.”

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2. She was also big into the Master Cleanse diet

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore did the cleanse together. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Back in 2010, Moore and then-husband Ashton Kutcher tried a master cleanse where you ditch food and only drink a concoction of purified water, lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, CBS News reports. The idea is to purge your body of toxins and squash habits like boozing and smoking.

Even though Moore and Kutcher emerged looking fit and fabulous, experts say the diet is bogus. “The problem with any of these health claims is you are depleting your body of nutrients, proteins and other energy sources your body needs,” Marisa Sherry, a New York-based registered dietitian said to CBS News. “You are also slowing down your metabolism. You may lose weight but it’s not permanent.”

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3. Cryotherapy was also tried

Cryotherapy is popular with famous people and athletes. | AFP/Georges Gobet/Getty Images

Cryotherapy is another popular fad with the rich and famous. The treatment involves visiting a Cryohealthcare office where you immerse your entire body into a deep freeze chamber in an effort to lose weight, Daily Mail reports. The body works hard to warm up during the process which, in theory, burns calories.

Days before Moore’s 50th birthday she was spotted leaving Cryohealthcare Clinic in Los Angeles, opening speculation that Moore was partaking in the deep freeze fountain of youth, according to Daily Mail.

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4. Moore ventured into nonsurgical skin tightening

Demi Moore loved the results from Thermage. | Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Visionary Women Salon)

Before she turned 50, Moore tried a nonsurgical skin tightening procedure, called the Thermage skin-tightening technique, according to Stylecaster. The procedure applies radio frequency to rejuvenate and firm skin. Moore loved the procedure so much, she turned to it on a regular basis. Today, the treatment can set you back up to $5,000 per visit.

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5.  She got into these little bloodsuckers

SHe’s used leeches as part of her beauty regimen. | sdigital/iStock/Getty Images

Perhaps suggesting Moore being into vampirism isn’t completely off base as she and Kutcher got into leech therapy at one point. The process involves allowing medicinal leeches to pierce your skin with their small teeth and inject their anticoagulant property into your body, according to Healthline. The idea is to reduce inflammation, boost circulation, and increase skin elasticity.

The bloodsuckers hang out on your body for up to 40 minutes and may be used for more than beauty treatments. Leech therapy is used to possibly help or treat heart disease, cancer and possibly diabetes. Of course leech therapy has side effects like risk of bacterial infection and even excessive blood loss.

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6. Why did Moore go for the leeches?

Demi Moore on David Letterman | YouTube via ducng2609

Moore appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and said, “I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy,” Daily Mail reports. “These aren’t just swamp leeches though – we are talking about highly trained medical leeches.”

“These are not some low-level scavengers – we’re talking high-level blood suckers,” she added. “It detoxifies your blood – I’m feeling very detoxified right now.”

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7. Do your homework if you’re going to try leech therapy

Using leeches can be dangerous business. | Sam Panthacky/AFP/Getty Images

Find a professional to perform the procedure, especially because leech therapy carries the risk of infection and blood loss. Perhaps Moore was being casual when she spoke to Letterman but said, “I did it in some woman’s house lying on her bed,” Daily Mail reported. “We did a little sampler first, which is in the belly button.”

Instead of digging up leeches from the pond behind your house and letting your bestie give it a whirl, visit a physician for the safest treatment. When hirudotherapy, or blood letting, was introduce during the 19th century by unskilled practitioners, the therapy was either ineffective or harmful.

“Hirudotherapy was used by trained and untrained therapists, charlatans, and patients themselves, on a whole host of ailments, often resulting in no benefit or even net harm,” Ronald Sherman, director an organization that supports medicinal use of leeches told Vox. “As a result, the entire practice was considered quackery by the 20th century.”

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