Destiny’s Child: Will they Make A Full-On Comeback With New Album After Coachella Reunion?

Beyonce shocked the world when she brought Destiny’s Child out at Coachella, and since then fans have been dying for new music! We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why a comeback album might happen!

Destiny’s Child reunited at Beyonce’s 2018 Coachella performance, and no we were not ready for this jelly. Seeing Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams join Beyonce on that stage gave us all the feels, and we’re dying for either a comeback tour or an album. And turns out, the girls aren’t that opposed to the idea. Well, sort of. “They all love each other and would love to make new music with each other, but a full fledged album and tour is unlikely at this time if ever. Do they want to do special things during anniversaries and things of that nature? Absolutely! That is why they will record again and put out new music and singles. But, it won’t go any further than that, and we won’t see a full fledged album,” a source close to the former girl group tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY! Of course we were hoping for an album, but we will certainly settle for new music!

“They will always be connected with each other and they have the utmost respect and love for each other and that is why they will give fans snippets here and there to keep them guessing, but a full return to the group will never happen!” the source continued. Bummer! Since their Coachella reunion, Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle got together again at Peter Dunda’s store opening in West Hollywood on April 24. The girls looked as gorgeous as ever and even took photos imitating their old album covers. How cute!

Nevertheless, we’re glad to know our favorite girl group isn’t closing the door on making music together. After all, they’re music is iconic! While together, they won Grammy Awards for their songs “Survivor” and “Say My Name,” a Billboard Music Award in 2001 for Top Female Artist, an American Music Award in 2002. It’s safe to say they’re legendary.

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