Did Prince Philip Ever Cheat on Queen Elizabeth II? – The Cheat Sheet Did Prince Philip Ever Cheat on Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II became the Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealths in 1952. And a few years before that, she married her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. More than 70 years later, the two are still going strong. However, through the years, there have been rumors about Philip’s infidelity in the relationship. And in recent years, The Crown has made those rumors seem even more true. Did Prince Philip ever cheat on Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip | Alastair Grant /AFP/Getty Images

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth met way back in 1939

Romance blossomed for the queen back in 1939, when she met Prince Philip on a tennis court. It was the summertime in Devon, England, and Queen Elizabeth was only eight years old. At the time, Philip was 13; a courtship never would have happened that young, nor with that much of an age gap between the two at the time. But the queen and Philip did know of one another; they both attended a wedding for one of Philip’s relatives back in 1934. The couple did not interact again until several years later, when Philip was 18 and the queen was 13. Even though she was still only 13, she was instantly intrigued by Philip. A while later, the two began dating, and it wasn’t long until they got married.

The couple got married in 1947

Queen Elizabeth and her prince wed in 1947; the two have been together for more than 70 years. They were only engaged for four months (royals are not known to have very long engagements) before tying the knot at Westminster Abbey in England. The Abbey was very important to the royal family; Elizabeth was the 10th family member to wed there; her parents also were married there.

Through the years, there have been rumors of Philip’s infidelity

Despite falling in love at such a young age and having a beautiful royal wedding, the couple’s relationship was plagued with cheating rumors through the years. And those rumors were also brought to life on the popular show The Crown. On the show, Elizabeth developed doubts about her trust in Philip, and she discovered a photo of a ballerina in Philip’s briefcase. According to Newsweek, the ballerina was a real woman, but there was no true evidence to prove an affair between the two.

However, the ballerina wasn’t the only suspected affair Philip had through the years. Singer Pat Kirkwood was linked to the prince for a long time beginning shortly after he married the queen in 1948. There were alleged letters exchanged between the two, and Kirkwood once remarked that she would have “had a happier and easier life” if Philip had never shown up in her dressing room.

Newsweek reported that in 1957, Philip was once again rumored to be having an affair with a woman whose name was never known. Biographers who wrote plenty about the royal family have said that Philip did indeed have several affairs. Most of them were with youn, beautiful women. But none of the affairs have ever actually been proven, which may explain why Elizabeth never chose to greatly acknowledge them.

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