Diners reveal inappropriate behaviour they’ve seen at a restaurant

Diners reveal the most inappropriate behaviour they’ve EVER seen at a restaurant (including couples getting far too intimate under the table)

  • Diners and servers took to Quora to share horror stories from restaurants
  • They were competing to tell the worst tale of very shameful public behaviour
  • One couple became a little too handsy with each other under the table
  • Another diner had their child urinate into a bag in the middle of a restaurant 

It’s important to be mindful of dining etiquette when going out for dinner, even if it’s only to a fast food chain.

But some diners clearly leave all sense of decorum at home when they decide to eat out, as these horror stories from fellow customers and serving staff reveal. 

They took to question-and-answer website Quora to respond to the question: ‘What’s the most shameful thing you’ve seen someone do at a restaurant?’

The answers are both disgusting and exceedingly inappropriate, from a couple getting very handsy under the table to a mother who let her child urinate into a plastic bag in front of other diners.

And the tales will make you grateful you haven’t encountered these types of people when you’ve visited a restaurant.

Diners and servers responded to the question ‘What’s the most shameful thing you’ve seen someone do at a restaurant?’ on Quora and one user said they once saw a couple fondle under the table

This Burger King diner once saw a mother get her son to urinate into a plastic bag in the middle of the restaurant in front of other customers 

This anonymous cashier spotted a couple kissing at a table and thought they looked sweet and in love – but they started to get a little too intimate under the table, with one of the men fondling their lover’s crotch

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