‘Disappears!’ Reduce cellulite in 3 weeks with Nivea’s £12 gel – ‘It actually works!’

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Cellulite is a perfectly natural and normal occurrence. Nonetheless, many people want to know how to reduce the appearance of cellulite as it makes them feel uncomfortable. Express.co.uk spoke to skincare experts NIVEA about their five-star cellulite gel and the magic ingredients that help reduce the appearance of dimpled skin. 

NIVEA believes “No one should ever feel ashamed that they have cellulite or it’s something they must get rid of”. 

Over 90 percent of women (who are more predisposed to cellulite than men) have cellulite to some extent. 

Cellulite appears when fat cells under the skin push upwards on its surface layer, causing the skin to dimple. 

Due to how cellulite is formed, it is near impossible to completely remove it at home, however, there are a few things you can do at home to help reduce the prevalence of cellulite. 

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There is a cellulite grade scale – mild, moderate, severe. Naturally, the milder the condition, the easier it is to reduce cellulite.

Unfortunately, without going under the knife it is a near impossibility to completely eradicate. 

But, several products can help reduce its appearance. 

NIVEA’s Q10 Multi Power 5 in 1 Firming and Cellulite Gel is one of them. 

A NIVEA representative said: “Even though our creams can work miracles for your skin, cellulite is not strictly a skin problem so they cannot eradicate it. 

“That being said, our NIVEA Q10 products help to strengthen and firm the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

“Enriched with Q10 and Lotus Extract, NIVEA’s Q10 Multi Power 5 in 1 Firming and Cellulite Gel contains a unique formula that firms the skin in just two weeks and reduces the appearance of cellulite in three weeks.” 

The product is “fast-absorbing and leaves the skin feeling immediately energised”. 

NIVEA’s Q10 Multi Power 5 in 1 Firming and Cellulite Gel has received hundreds of five-star ratings. 

And many happy customers have shared their thoughts about using the product. 

Someone with the username Nivealover commented: “Impressive!!!

“Didn’t think that a fairly low priced cellulite product would the job! It actually works if applied consistently -the results are even better when combined with the oil as well. Keep up the good work Nivea! Thanks!” 

Another with the name Mmmmmpppp said: “Actually works! This product is fab, its great on the bum and I actaully even use it on the boobs and again I’ve seen some great results in the firmness.

“The cellulite is slowly disappearing and areas of the body im feeling firmer… Good product at a great price.” 

One name Bakinggirl wrote: “Works – After using daily for about three weeks I can definitely say that I have less cellulite now. Stocking up!”

NIVEA shared their guide to applying the Q10 Multi Power 5 in 1 Firming and Cellulite Gel for maximum results. 

1. Take a shower to thoroughly clean your whole body 

2. Apply the gel-cream onto your thighs, buttocks and belly 

3. Reapply gel-cream frequently 

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