DIY Throwback Movie Halloween Costumes, 2000s Halloween Costumes

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We live for a late ’90s and 2000s throwback movie marathon. There is something about them that puts you in a great mood. Maybe it’s because these films bring us back to a simpler time, or maybe it is because they are all hilarious. Whatever the case, whenever we are feeling down, we love to scour Netflix for High School Musical, 13 Going on 30 or Bring It On.

These movies are so close to our hearts, that we want to wear their signature looks for Halloween. The bonus is that they are super easy to DIY! Give everyone a flashback this Halloween with these classic lewks:

Mean Girls

Be so fetch this Halloween by getting your gal pals together and going as the Plastics from Mean Girls. This is technically costume-ception, but you and your friends will show everyone who the true Queen Bees are at the Halloween party. Regina can pull this look off by getting a pink bodysuit and leggings, while Gretchen can look for a black catsuit and Karen can find a simple black spaghetti-strap dress. Everyone can find their ears at a Walmart and shoes at a thrift store.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Hey now, hey now, this is what ~costume~ dreams are made of. Grab the Isabella to your Lizzie and show up wearing these classic ‘stumes. Pull together your lavender ensemble by searching the thrift store for a bustier, sweater or denim jacket, and jeans. For Isabella, finding a lime green jacket online should be easy and pair it with a black bodycon skirt and lime green tulle. Of course, you both will need some sick black platform shoes to complete your ’00s look. This costume will be sure to charm the Gordo in your life!

The Cheetah Girls

Calling all amigas cheetahs! Bring back the matching velour jumpsuit look by getting your BFFs together and recreating this girl group for Halloween. We are pretty sure your local Goodwill or Walmart will have these outfits in stock. If not, def try online. Strut your way into the party like you mean it. And don’t forget your matching headbands — they are essential.


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People will be saying anything but “As if!” when your crew and you roll up to the party in this legendary costume. Get your hands on anything plaid to put together these outfits. High socks are also a necessity for the lewk. Not only do you need to look the part, but also act the part. So, be sure to access your inner Cher, Dionne or Tai!

Bring It On

Bring on the costume competition! You will have people cheering for this rad two-piece ensemble. This outfit may require a little more effort to put together, but it will be totally worth it. Finding a green skirt should be easy enough. For the top, look for a green sports bra and stencil the word “Clovers” on printable iron-on paper.

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

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Zetus lupetus!

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We absolutely love how this costume came together so simply. Just look for a cheap puffer vest and matching bodycon skirt. Opt for a solid-colored T-shirt and cropped leggings of the same color. Don’t forget to do up your hair in signature scrunchies straight out of the ’90s. This ‘stume is so easy, it will make you say, “Zetus lupetus!” when you finish.

The Princess Diaries

It turns out, your old school uniform does have a use. However, if you weren’t forced to wear a plaid skirt to school, you can definitely find one at a thrift store along with a blue button down. Head to Walmart and look for the black pair of chunky shoes that makes you cringe the most. While you are there, grab a tie and high socks. Make sure your hair is teased to perfection to complete the look, and let’s add a tiara.

Legally Blonde

To channel your inner Elle Woods for Halloween, all you have to do is buy anything pink you see. Purchase a solid pink tank top and add the Harvard name using printable iron-on paper. Next, go for pink pants or a skirt and find a pair of over-the-top sunglasses. Everyone will be bending and snapping to get a glimpse of you. What, like it’s hard?

High School Musical

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Bop to the top of your Halloween party by going as this power couple. A floral skirt, solid T-shirt and a lab coat should do the trick for Gabriella. If you are feeling super creative, make the decathlon ribbon by either drawing it or printing out something like it. For your boo, Troy, a plain baseball tee and jeans are all he needs.


Create this costume and you may even end up being the envy of Tyra Banks herself. This movie is so much of a throwback, they are even making a sequel. Getting either a pink tutu or satin-looking pink dress will help you effortlessly pull this off. Don’t forget your super high, hot pink pumps!

The Parent Trap

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Even though this costume is so simple to put together, you will definitely (t)win the costume contest. All your bestie and you need are two oversized white T-shirts, running shorts, sneakers, and the signature red hair. For an added touch, you can even print out the picture of your long lost parents from the movie. Whoever pulls off the best British accent has to be Annie, obviously.

13 Going on 30

Practice your “Thriller” routine for this next costume, and your sewing skills, if necessary. If you don’t feel like sewing, you can go to a thrift store, or browse online might help you find a colorful, striped dress just like Jenna’s. You also can’t forget that iconic ’00s hairdo and the mini butterfly clips.


Welcome to the ’60s! For the Penny Pingleton look, all you need is a plaid dress and super high pigtails. Because it is Halloween, finding a lollipop should be super easy and a cute addition to the costume. Now all you need is for everyone to be cool with performing a huge musical number.


Need an idea for a Halloween costume this year? “I can fix that.” Everyone will remember this classic Shia LaBeouf movie when you walk in the room. The warden needs a leather jacket, army green pants and a cowboy hat. Feel free to add a holster and cute leather boots to tie everything together. For Shia’s character, Stanley, we suggest orange scrub pants, white crop top, orange hoodie and work boots. For a complete look, grab a bandana and tie it around your forehead.

Josie and the Pussycats

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We think this costume is purrr-fect. For this outfit, try to find a cheetah-print bodysuit or catsuit. If necessary, wear a pair of black leggings underneath a cheetah print T-shirt. Grab a pair of cat ears, a guitar and draw on some whiskers to finish up the look. Your besties and you are now the coolest cats ever!

A Cinderella Story

Usually, when people think Cinderella, they think blue dress… but not you! This year, go as Sam Montgomery from A Cinderella Story. Find a huge white tutu, black T-shirt, pink apron, and baseball cap and you are all set. If you really want to go hard or go home, throw some flour on yourself because, well, why not? If your bae is anything like Austin Ames, he will be impressed.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl

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Name a more iconic duo. We have one word for this costume: onesies. Any excuse to be comfy on Halloween is a good one, and you can def get away with it by wearing this costume. You can be a convincing Sharkboy and Lavagirl by getting gray and pink onesies and decorating them accordingly. Bonus points for Lavagirl by looking for a pink wig.

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