Dog-Obsessed Facebook Group Creates Foundation to Save Dogs Ahead of Natural Disasters Like Hurricane Florence

Chances are if you love puppies and pooches, you are a member of I Love My Dog, a Facebook group with more than 5.5 million followers.

It’s a magical place filled with adorable videos, the cutest memes and plenty of pup pictures, and now the creators are working to do something extra-special for its four-legged friends.

The Facebook page’s media company I Love My Dog So Much, LLC (ILMDSM) recently launched the I Love My Dog So Much Foundation, a volunteer-based non-profit started following last year’s natural disasters in an effort to protect pets before the next event hits.

“Raising money in advance of natural disasters is the root of the I Love My Dog So Much Foundation,” says David Abbott, Board Member of the ILMDSM Foundation and Founder/CEO of I Love My Dog So Much, LLC. “In doing so, we can be ready to make a greater impact when these unfortunate events arise — there is no time to waste.”

The foundation is dedicated to raising money in advance of a natural disasters, like Hurricane Florence, so staff can deploy funds and supplies when needed and get pets to safety before anything happens.

This way dogs and other pets have food, shelter, foster care, transport, vaccines and medical care before the chaos. That doesn’t mean that the foundation’s support stops there: They are also on the ground after a natural disaster to help the animals who need it most.

ILMDSM assisted with rescue efforts following Hurricanes Harvey and Maria, and the group is raising funds for pets affected by the California wildfires. Currently, ILMDSM has hurricane-safe vehicles in the Carolinas so the can provide immediate assistance to animals caught in Hurricane Florence.

“The I Love My Dog So Much (ILMDSM) Foundation is currently preparing for relief efforts to assist the pets and animals of the Carolinas post Hurricane Florence,” foundation director Nic Perkin tells PEOPLE. “When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last year, the I Love My Dog So Much Foundation raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help with medical supplies, shelter, food, water and transportation for animals in need. Let’s come together and do the same for our friends in the Carolinas. All ILMDSM Foundation employees are volunteers. We strive to make every dollar count and to help as many animals as possible. Please help spread the word,” 

To assist ILMDSM in its efforts to protect pets from environmental disasters, you learn more at the non-profit’s website.

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