Donald Trump Confirms Former Fox News Channel Star His Nom As Next UN Ambassador

President Donald Trump announced Friday morning he will nominated former Fox News star turned State Department media wrangler Heather Nauert as next Ambassador to the United Nations, replacing resigning Nikki Haley.

At a pop-up presser on his way out of town, Trump also confirmed the day after President George H.W. Bush was buried in Texas that he will nominated H.W.’s former Attorney General Bill Barr to replace Jeff Sessions.

Barr has been very critical of the special counsel currently investigating Russian election meddling. He was HW’s AG from ’91 to 93, when he also was Robert Mueller’s boss at the DOJ.

‘I did not know him until recently,” Trump said of Barr, adding “he was my choice from Day 1” and that he hopes the confirmation process will go “very quickly.”

Nauert, Trump said, has done a “great job working with Mike Pompeo at the State Department,” calling her “very talented, very smart, very quick and she is going to be respected by all.”

Nauert had been considered Trump’s unconfirmed pick since early October, when Haley surprised POTUS with announcement she was leaving at the end of the calendar year.

Confirming her nomination and Barr’s Trump added, tantalizingly, “Those are two very big ones. I have another one for tomorrow I’m going to be

announcing at the Army/Navy game. I can give you a little hint: it will have to do with the Joint Chief of Staff succession and I look forward to telling you.”

Then he exited without taking questions. CNN had been reporting all morning that current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was about to get the hook and this time they meant it.Kelly is not traveling to Kansas City with Trump which was not considered to be necessarily meaningful, only now it is.

Nauert worked for Fox News from 1998 to 2005, left to work for ABC News, but returned to Fox News in ’07 where, most recently worked on Fox & Friends before being named to the State Department in ’17.

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