Dr. Paul Nassif Gushes Over Dating New Girlfriend and It's All Thanks to His Slimmed-Down Boyfriend Body! on Botched

The participants aren’t the only ones on Botched who walk away with a new and improved look!

Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrowsat down with E! News this week to dish about Botched‘s upcoming season and Paul’s new “boyfriend body.” 

“I look good. I lost a lot of weight,” Paul gushed to E! exclusively.

“I will give him this, he has lost a lot of weight. He actually looks good. But the bad news is, why do you generally lose weight? To be more attractive to the gender you’re interested in attracting. He now has a new significant relationship. So boyfriend body, here it comes!” an excited Terry chimed in.

The new woman in Paul’s life has already joined in on a double date with Terry and his wife Heather Dubrow.


Botched Doctors Dubrow & Nassif Are Back!

“We did go out. Heather and I and Brittany is her name. The four of us went and had dinner. We had a nice time,” Paul said.

“He’s named his girlfriend! It’s Brittany, bitch!” Terry joked.

Watch our interview with the Botched docs to hear more about Paul’s love life!

Botched returns Wednesday, May 9 at 9 p.m., only on E!

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