Drake Is Hurt That Rihanna No Longer Considers Him A Friend — But He’s Not Giving Up On Her

Drake is ‘shocked’ that Rihanna doesn’t even think of him as a friend! A source close to Drake EXCLUSIVELY told HL about his ‘hurt’ reaction to her recent interview!

Drake, 31, was taken aback when he found out that Rihanna, 30, had claimed their friendship was basically over. A source close to the rapper EXCLUSIVELY told us how he reacted to Rihanna telling Vogue that the two exes weren’t currently friends. “Drake is hurt that Rihanna has turned her back on him so hard,” our source said. “He still has feelings for her so to know she doesn’t even consider him a friend anymore is a blow. He’s shocked and disappointed. But Drake’s always optimistic when it comes to Rihanna, and he’s looking at the bright side in all this — at least she doesn’t consider him an enemy.”

The fact that Rihanna doesn’t have any negative feelings toward Drake makes him believe there’s still a chance for the two to reconcile. “To him, that’s proof that the door is at least a little open for things to heal between them one day,” our source went on to say. “He’s not going to push though. He’s letting her have time and space, and he’s confident that when the time is right, they’ll get things back on track. As far as Drake is concerned, he still thinks very highly of Rihanna. Nothing has changed in his heart or mind about her. It’s all love.”

Rihanna had not only slammed her friendship with Drake in her recent Vogue interview, she also revealed that his gushy speech he delivered when presenting her with the Vanguard Award at the 2016 VMAs unsettled her. “Waiting through that speech was probably the most uncomfortable part,” she admits. “I don’t like too many compliments; I don’t like to be put on blast.” Time will tell whether or not these two former exes can at least regain their friendship.

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