Dramatic before and after photos show difference after using retinol kit

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You don’t have to be a skincare aficionado to have heard about retinol.

Retinol is the MVP in most influencers’ makeup bags but this powerful active ingredient is now being used as the base of endless high street skincare lines.

But what do we really know about retinol? It is considered the most transformative skincare ingredient available to us and now comes in serums, gels, creams, oils, and sprays. 

Studies have shown that the vitamin A derivative is proven to improve a wide range of common skin issues such as pigmentation, fine lines as well as breakouts. It does this by stimulating cell renewal by increasing the rate of cell division – this new cell growth leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

And among the myriad of options on the market, Nip + Fab’s Retinol Fix Regime Kit has left its users stunned by the difference in skin even after only one night.

‘I knew the products were working and making a difference but I’m amazed, actually amazed at the difference from the first night I’d used them!’ claims Kourtney, who has blonde pigmentation.

What is retinol?

Dr Sarah Shah, founder of the Artistry Clinic on Harley Street and Liverpool Street, tells Metro.co.uk: ‘Retinol stimulates the production of new blood vessels in the skin, increasing cell turnover and improving uneven skin tones.

‘The dermis layer of the skin contains cells called fibroblasts which produce collagen. These cells start to slow down with ageing and, after the age of 30, our collagen level drops by 1-2% every year.

‘Retinol acts directly on these cells to keep them switched on and working to their best ability.’

‘My confidence has grown so much to not wear as much makeup due to the difference the retinol range has made and I know sometimes using a new brand can be a risk as you aren’t sure if the products are going to be right for your skin but the photo says everything.’

While Vanessa said that ‘within a week’ she began to see changes.

She mused: ‘Within a week of using the range on alternative days as recommended, I saw a noticeable improvement to the redness and smoothness of my skin and this continued to improve over the following weeks.’

We know that skincare can be pretty pricey and people can be prepared to pay anything for good skin, but with the cost of living crisis we need products that are affordable and still work. 

Nip + Fab’s Retinol Fix Regime Kit is a collection of five skincare products – Retinol Fix Booster Extreme (30ml), Retinol Fix Eye Treatment (15ml), Retinol Fix Overnight Cream (50ml), Retinol Fix Sheet Mask and Retinol Fix Serum Extreme (50ml), all for just £59.95 (worth £117.75).

We know that can be the same price as one serum alone from some skincare lines. So it’s a steal.

Get your hands on it here.

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