Dua Lipa Sets ‘New Rules’ With Help Of A Giant Flamingo During Sexy Performance At The BBMAs

And that’s why she’s one of the most exciting names in music today! Dua Lipa made a splash at the Billboard Music Awards, performing her hit ‘New Rules’ with a ton of glittery dancers and a flamingo!

If the world didn’t know who Dua Lipa was, they certainly do now. The 22-year-old hit the stage at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 20 to perform her hit, “New Worlds.” After starting off laying on the back of a giant pink flamingo, Dua was quickly joined by some similarly dressed dancers, performing a hypnotic, sexy number that was as sultry as her voice. Can we just put Dua in charge of everything now? She couldn’t do any worse than Donald Trump, right?

What will 2018 hold for Dua? She’s been riding a huge wave of momentum ever since her debut three years ago. Following her first single, “New Love,” she has quickly become a fixture on the charts, releasing six hits that have filled the UK Top 40 – “Be The One,” “Hotter Than Hell,” Blow Your Mind (Mwah),” “IDGAF,” and the No. 1 hit, “New Rules.” It was that song that also helped Dua penetrate the US charts, as it cracked the Top 10 by peaking at No. 6. Dua dropped her self-titled debut album in 2017, and she’s already focused on her next album.

“It’s very much dance crying,” Dua told British GQ. “It is a pop album that you’re going to be able to dance to, but a lot of the songs are sad. They’re about heartbreak and they’re about going through some emotional manipulation. It kind of sucks that that’s the thing that triggers my creativity, but happy things don’t seem to do it for me.”

For those who want more Dua, Xfinity customers will get a chance to see her sing one more time tonight. She will perform “Homesick” as the Xfinity Encore Performer, per Billboard, and this performance “will be available immediately after the broadcast. Xfinity X1 customers will enjoy related online content from YouTube and streaming stations from Pandora integrated alongside the rest of the content, as well as the ability to call up the full experience by saying “Show me the BBMAs” into the X1 Voice Remote. For more information on Xfinity X1, visit Xfinity.com/x1.” For those who don’t have Xfinity, don’t worry. Judging by this performance, everyone’s going to hear a lot more from Dua going forward.

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