Duchess Kate shocks onlookers by driving herself to Buckingham Palace, eluding paparazzi

So you’re a typical tourist in London, hanging around outside Buckingham Palace because … well, that’s what tourists do in London. Suddenly a car drives up with a pretty young woman at the wheel, waving merrily, and you are stunned to realize: Hey! That’s Kate Middleton!

So it went Wednesday around tea time at the palace, when a crowd of tourists caught a surprise glimpse of Duchess Kate of Cambridge, one of the three top-line royals in London next to Queen Elizabeth II and royal sister-in-law, Duchess Meghan of Sussex.

We only know about this thanks to social media photos, because the usually ever-present paparazzi were not around at that moment. Also, whatever she was doing at Buck House (having tea with the queen was the consensus) was considered “private” and was not announced in advance on her schedule. 

“At Buckingham Palace. When you’re so lucky and get a shot of Kate Middleton right when she gets to the Palace,” posted Melissagrflx on her Instagram page.

It features lots of selfies of “Melli” doing touristy things, plus the money shot of what looked like Kate in her car driving through the gates while surrounded by a crowd of tourists holding up their smartphones.

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