Duchess Meghan’s Brother Getting In On The Family Drama, Requests Royal Title From The Queen, Reports ‘Radar’

Meghan’s dad’s side of the family continues to try to make it all about them.

Meghan Markle’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., has written a letter to Queen Elizabeth begging Her Majesty to bestow royal titles on their father, Thomas Markle Sr. and Meghan’s mom, Radar Online is reporting.

The celebrity gossip magazine has received a handwritten letter, purportedly by Thomas Jr., in which he spells out the reasons for his request for titles for his father and stepmother. Now, at this point, it bears noting that publications like Radar Online rely on tips from the general public and anonymous, “insider” info – and those things can easily be misrepresented or even outright faked.

Nevertheless, the purported letter from Thomas is borderline cringe-worthy.

“Possibly you can give Tom SNR and Doria royal titles which would also make my father very proud.”

While most royal titles are honorary and all but meaningless, some – such as Duke of This or Duchess of That – actually come with lucrative landholdings. So if the Queen were to bestow titles to Thomas Sr. and/or Doria (unlikely, but more on that in a few paragraphs), they could be financially beneficial to them, as well as ceremonial. And Thomas Sr., whose money problems have been documented and may indeed be part of the reason for his estrangement from Meghan, could use the money.

Thomas Jr. went on to take a dig at his half-sister and her purported ghosting of her father.

“Possibly this could happen if Meghan were to bring Tom SNR to the palace sooner than later because my father deserved to be treated like Royalty like he treated Meghan her whole life. She owes him that.”

And of course, the specter of Thomas Sr.’s supposed imminent death also got brought up.

“I urge you to convince Meg to bring her father to the palace for him to meet the royal family and spend time with him, I recently went to see him after hearing of his heart surgery and his health is not that good.”

Don’t expect Queen Elizabeth to take any heed to Thomas Jr.’s letter. Royal titles aren’t something that’s handed out willy-nilly. You have to earn one through great accomplishments that elevate the United Kingdom, through marrying into the royal family, or through having the right connections. An American man who has continually embarrassed the family meets none of those criteria.

Thomas Jr.’s letter marks the second time this week one of Meghan’s half-siblings has made a spectacle of themselves. As reported by the Inquisitr, on Tuesday night, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha publicly belittled the Duchess on Twitter.

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