Easy home organisation hacks to take into the new year

New year is a great time to have a deep clean and a sort out.

Not only will this make your home visually-pleasing, but it’ll also feel more relaxing and chaos-free.

And the good news is that you don’t have to throw lots of things out to calm the clutter in your home – you simply need some easy and reliable organisation hacks. 

We’ve rounded up a few tricks that will leave you feeling incredibly house proud.

Decant items in your food cupboard into jars


Tired of rummaging around food cupboards to find ingredients, or getting knocked on the head by overflowing packets?

It could be time to give your food cupboards some TLC.

A great way of organising your pantry or food cupboard is to decant everything into its own labelled jar. This will help keep mess at bay, but also makes it incredibly straightforward to find certain ingredients.

Keep bed linen inside the matching pillowcase


If you’re short for space in your linen cupboard, try keeping duvets inside their matching pillowcase.

This way you can easily grab new sheets – and don’t waste any time or energy rummaging around for matching ones.

Make the most of hanging shoe organisers


Hanging shoe organisers are a great form of vertical storage that can be hidden away behind a door – and they can be used for anything you want.

Simply load them up with children’s toys, bathroom toiletries, cleaning products and more – the possibilities are endless.

They are a great option, in particular, if you’re limited on household storage.

Put spices on a cupboard riser or a rack


It’s always much less stressful to find spices when they aren’t hiding behind one another.

Investing in a cupboard riser, or even a turning spice rack, is an easy and effective way to tackle this issue.

Use bread clips on wires


Electrical plugs can be incredibly messy and, typically, wires get tangled when we attempt to find the one we need.

A good way to keep these cords separate (and tidy) is to label them with bread clips.

Use a tension rod for cleaning supplies


Adding a tension rod to a cleaning cupboard means you can hang all your different sprays and easily pick them out.

It’s such a simple addiction that will make your cleaning sessions much less chaotic.

Use dividers for a ‘junk draw’


Every house has a ‘junk draw’ – a place where random bits and bobs live. And all of these items are needed, but not frequently used.

A good way to make this miscellaneous draw a bit more managable is to break it up with dividers. Simply group similar things together.

Colour coordinate your wardrobe


Take some time to colour coordinate your wardrobe in the new year.

Not only will your clothes look incredibly pleasing when you open the doors, but you’ll also be able to find items more easily.

It’s a win-win.

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