Eliza Stafford Pictures: Woman’s Facebook Post Accusing Rapper Riff Raff Of Drugging And Raping Her Goes Viral

Riff Raff’s Australian tour was abruptly canceled after allegations that he drugged and raped the woman in 2013, when she was a teenager.

Eliza Stafford is gaining viral attention after the Australian woman took to Facebook to publicly accuse Houston rapper Riff Raff of drugging and raping her after a concert in 2013, prompting his Australian tour to be canceled.

Stafford leveled the allegation on her Facebook page this week, claiming that she was invited backstage after a concert in 2013, when she was a teenager. Stafford claimed she was tricked into taking a shot of codeine while meeting with the rapper backstage after being told it was vodka. From there, Stafford claimed she was forced into a car and was hazy on the events of the rest of the evening, but remembered crawling out of a shower naked and hailing a taxi to escape.

Stafford said she wanted to warn others who might be going to the upcoming Riff Raff concert where she now lived.

“I was raped and blamed myself for 5 years,” she wrote. “I got a notification today because I work at in Richmond, and he is performing at the corner hotel next Friday night. I will be 50 metres from my rapist all night. About 6 months ago, I contacted my friends who were there to ask how much they remembered. They remember everything, we were children and didn’t know how to respond. If you are planning on attending the riff raff show at the corner next week I urge you to reconsider.”

The blowback from the rape allegation was immediate. The Australian music agency that represents Riff Raff, Audiopaxx, announced on Facebook that they were canceling the remainder of his tour.

“We have been made aware of allegations made against Houston rapper Riff Raff. Audiopaxx takes these matters seriously and does not condone any of this alleged behavior. In light of this, we have spoken to his management team and the scheduled tour of Australia and New Zealand has been canceled, effective immediately.”

Eliza Stafford has also seen viral attention in the wake of her allegations, with many seeking out pictures of the Australian woman. Though sexual assault accusers often choose to remain anonymous — and many news outlets refrain from publishing their names — Stafford instead posted her allegation on her public Facebook page. That led Stafford’s name to trend across social media, along with the allegations against Riff Raff.

It was not clear if Eliza Stafford planned to pursue charges against Riff Raff, and the rapper has not issued a statement regarding the allegation.

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