Emmys: Chrissy Teigen Cringes During ‘Appalling’ Emmys Opening Monologue & Becomes Instant GIF

Uh, yeah. Chrissy Teigen wasn’t feeling Colin Jost and Michael Che’s opening monologue at the Emmy Awards. Oh, you better believe that her cringing reaction is your new favorite gif.

After the 2018 Emmy Awards got done being a musical skit from an episode of Saturday Night Live, it turned into a mini-version of Weekend Update, as co-hosts Colin Jost, 36, and Michael Che, 35, packed their opening monologue with jokes about sexual harassment, racism and politics. While some might have thought their monologue at the start of the Sep. 17 awards show was fine, Chrissy Teigen did not. The 32-year-old Lip Sync Battle star and God’s gift to gifs gave one of the most exaggerated cringe as Colin and Michael’s jokes. Yikes!

“I keep wondering why I am yawning and want to turn this off midway through, and of course, it’s because I’m getting my usual Jost/Che Weekend Update Syndrome,” @fuggirls tweeted. “That could have been worse. Someone could have died,” @damienholobrook tweeted. @ElisabethSoler said that Michael and Colin’s opening was “far worse” than Jimmy Fallon’s turn hosting the Golden Globes. Harsh.

“We love going to the Emmys,” Colin told the Chicago Sun-Times. “Anytime we’re nominated, it feels like a big honor. And to go and get asked to host, and they trusted us, it’s great.” When asked if the two would include political humor – which seemed like a given, since they’re both the head writers of SNL and the anchors of Weekend Update – Colin played coy. “We don’t totally know yet because we don’t even know what’s going to happen over the weekend politically. There might be some, and there might not.”

Michael was more upfront and honest: “There’s gonna be political jokes. And we’re gonna come out on the wrong side of history, for sure. We’re aiming toward it.” He seemed to walk back the (albeit comical) comments when the Sun-Times brought up how some of the nominees hoped that they could go one night without having to deal with the dumpster fire that is the Donald Trump administration. “[The Emmys are] a celebration for a lot of people who worked really hard this year to be nominated and [for] a lot of shows that people really enjoy. We’re just gonna have fun at the top and keep the show moving and make sure it’s an enjoyable show to watch.”

“You want to make it celebratory,” Colin added. “You want people to be laughing and you want people to have a fun time. You’re lucky to be doing this job and you’re lucky to get recognized in some way, so why not make it a fun night?” Yeah, you guys better try again.

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