Engagement rings for 2023 that are outside the box

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You might scoff at the idea of being disappointed by a diamond solitaire engagement ring, especially in the cost of living crisis, but the truth is in the world of rocks they are becoming quite the turn-off.

No one wants an engagement ring that is pretty much the same as their best friend, cousin, sister, or anyone else for that matter. 

In the same way we were sold an idea of Santa Claus by a giant corporation, we were also introduced to the one-carat solitaire by a big brand and told it was a ‘must-have’. 

But now we are becoming savvier and are seeking gemstones and designs that symbolise our personality and relationship, which is why jewellers are seeing a rise in differing shapes and cuts.

‘We have seen a much greater interest in fancy cut stones, customers are moving away from the classic solitaire and want something that is more unique in shape. Whilst the pear shape is still popular we have seen emerald cut diamonds grow,’ the head of Ernest Jones jewellery buying says. 

‘Deco-inspired engagement rings are also on trend; we see this through the success of our Vera Wang bridal cut offer where fancy cuts and emerald cuts specifically are prominent. We are also launching a new vintage collection that encapsulates this trend and stone shapes.’

If you’re thinking about an engagement ring (and, remember – don’t be a ‘rock-tease’), there are a myriad of more exciting options to choose.

From princess to cushion, and sapphire to emerald, these are our favourite designs that aren’t the diamond solitaire.

18ct Gold Emerald & 0.25ct Diamond Ring

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Le Vian 14ct Rose Gold Rhodolite & 0.37ct Diamond Ring

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9ct White Gold Aquamarine & 0.10ct Diamond Pear Ring

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Le Vian 14ct Rose Gold Quartz & 0.29ct Diamond Ring

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