Everyone thinks my fiancé is my dad

A 20-year-old woman who is engaged to a man more than three decades older than her has revealed how strangers assume he is her father.

Isabella Sainz has two children with Joseph Conner, 53, but is 15 years younger than his eldest child.

The full-time mother fell in love with the retired cop — who is now a high school lacrosse coach — when the pair worked together.

They had only been dating for a month when Sainz got pregnant and they now have now have daughters Autumn, 15 months, and Wynter, six weeks.

Conner is now a father of six following because he has four kids from a previous relationship – Joseph, 34, Jason, 24, and Justin, 21, and daughter Jacqueline, 23.

Conner and Sainze, from Miami, Florida, are now planning their wedding.

Sainz said: “We definitely get looks when we are out in public together. Strangers will say to Joseph: ‘Are you her dad?’”

“Sometimes we correct them and they go quiet, other times we’ll joke it off and pretend that I am his daughter.”

“Everybody has their own opinions but life is extremely short and you should do what makes you happy.”

Sainz was just 18 when she met Conner in October 2016 through working with his lacrosse team.

She said: “I was looking into medical school and I had to do medical training hours to build my résumé before college.”

“I reached out to him because he was a coach, so I began working with his lacrosse team.”

“I was attracted to him but I actually did not like him at all.”

“He came off as arrogant.”

“But once I got to know him and actually spoke to him about politics, family and his children, I realized he was a good guy.”

“He wasn’t arrogant, it was just the way he carried himself in front of the team.”

The pair began dating in December 2016 and just one month later Sainz found out she was pregnant.

She said: “The same month I started seeing him, I got pregnant.”

“That escalated things very quickly and we had to make a decision.”

“Obviously I was terrified when I told him, but he was extremely supportive.”

“We decided that we were definitely going to be together and he bought a place in Miami for us to live.””

Just five months after giving birth to Autumn in August 2017, Sainz became pregnant again.

She said: “I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I love children. I’m ready to have another one.”

In April 2018, Conner popped the question, presenting Sainz with a square-cut diamond ring during a stroll on the beach.

The pair are now happily planning their dream wedding for the end of this year.

But Sainz admitted that her friends and family were not immediately supportive of her relationship with a man 33 years her senior.

She said: “My family were worried about the age difference but once they got to know us as a couple it was fine.”

“I have lost friends.”

“A lot of people went to college while I became a mom, our lives went in different directions.”

Conner insisted that, for him, age was not a “big factor” in his attraction to Sainz.

He said: “It really had more to do with her personality than her age.”

“Age to me was not a big factor.”

“I liked the way she handled things and her level of maturity.”

“She was just so much fun to be around.”

He added that most of his friends were blown away when they met Sainz.

He said: “After they saw her, they said: ‘Oh I get it’.

“They think that I am with her because she is so good-looking, but that’s not the reason I’m involved with her.”

Conner accused women his age of having the biggest problem with his age gap relationship.

He said: “Middle-aged women seem to be very uptight about it.

“They stare at their husbands trying to see if they are on board with it.”

He added that his sons have accepted their new step-mother but his daughter has struggled with her father’s relationship.

He said: “I really feel like my boys don’t have an issue but I think my daughter did.”

“I get a feeling she wasn’t very happy about the whole situation although she has never said anything negative to me about it.”

Sainz confessed that although she does occasionally worry that Conner is three decades older than her, they are making the most of their time together.

She said: “I do worry about medical problems and Joseph leaving me too soon.”

“But we don’t know what’s going to happen in life.”

“I’m living in the moment.”

“We have two girls together and he’s making the most of his time with them now.”

Sainz documents her age gap relationship and young motherhood on her YouTube channel Isabella Sainz.

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