Fans are convinced Kylie Jenner is having a boy, plus more news

Why fans think Kylie Jenner is having a boy

Now that Kylie Jenner’s confirmed she and Travis Scott are expecting their second child, fans are hard at work hunting for clues about the makeup mogul’s pregnancy, including the baby’s sex. Less than 24 hours after Kylie shared a video confirming her exciting news, fans began pointing to a previous post in which she’d captioned a photo of her daughter Stormi, “favorite girl” alongside a blue heart emoji. Kylie’s company’s account commented with blue emojis, as well. “Waiting for the ‘blue for boy? 💙” asked one commenter (via Us Weekly). “She’s ur fave girl coz ur having a boy?” a second fan asked. Others chimed in as well, trying to coax Kylie into confirming she’s having a boy. The chatter comes after multiple outlets reported a sibling was on the way for Stormi back in August.

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Bob Odenkirk returns to ‘Better Call Saul’ set following heart attack 

He’s back! On Sept. 8, Bob Odenkirk tweeted a happy update letting fans know he’s returned to filming the sixth season of “Better Call Saul” after suffering what he called “a small heart attack” in July. “Back to work on Better Call Saul! So happy to be here and living this specific life surrounded by such good people,” Bob tweeted alongside a selfie from the makeup chair. “BTW this is makeup pro Cheri Montesanto making me not ugly for shooting!” he joked. Bob, 58, collapsed on the set of his award-winning show earlier this summer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The sixth and final season of “Saul” is expected to air sometime in 2022, after being delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Kaley Cuoco removes married reference from her IG bio

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook just announced their separation last week, but on social media, “The Flight Attendant” star has already detached herself from her husband of three years. Per BuzzFeed, fans recently noticed Kaley’s Instagram bio has been edited from “Mrs. @mrtancook” — a reference to Karl’s Insta handle — to “Yes, Norman,” as in, Yes, Norman Productions, which is the name of Kaley’s production company. Despite the split, Kaley is “doing fine,” according to one People source who points out that she “hasn’t spent much time” with Karl recently because she’s been busy with work, having just wrapped “Meet Cute” with Pete Davidson while beginning production on the second season of “The Flight Attendant.” Karl has reportedly been busy with his equestrian career, too. “It’s basically a growing apart and each pursuing separate interests,” says People’s source. “She has a lot going on in her career now and loves her work. Their relationship is just following different paths. A marriage doesn’t work if you rarely see the other one.” Kaley and Karl began dating in 2016. They got engaged the following year and tied the knot in 2018, but didn’t move in together until the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns began in 2020.

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John Mulaney: Olivia Munn, baby ‘helped save me from myself’

As John Mulaney prepares to become a first-time dad, he’s crediting girlfriend Olivia Munn and their baby-to-be with helping to “save” him. During a chat with his close friend Seth Meyers on the Sept. 7 edition of “Late Night,” John reflectedon his intense past year — a period that saw him get divorced, get sober, fall in love again and begin his journey to parenthood. “She got to date me right out of recovery, which is what they call a reverse catch,” quipped the comic. “And that’s been very incredible. And she’s kind of held my hand through that hell. And we’re having a baby together.” Seth, who Yahoo reports was part of the group that staged an intervention to get John help for his alcohol and cocaine use, said he’s “very happy” to see John “on the other side of” what was a “roller coaster” of a year. “I love you very much and I’m glad you’re doing well,” he added. After joking that he hoped Olivia would have triplets so he could name the “ugly one” after Seth, John got serious once more. “I love you, Seth,” the comic said. “You know, you guys saved me from drugs. And Olivia and this baby have helped save me from myself, and this early journey out of recovery. And, yeah, I don’t have a joke for that. I’m really grateful to you, buddy. Thank you.”

Drew Barrymore says she’s been sending Britney Spears personal video messages

As the world watches Britney Spears fight for control of her life amid an ongoing conservatorship battle with her father, Drew Barrymore has been sending the singer supportive messages. “I appreciate all the people that have been supporting Britney on social media,” Drew told Entertainment Tonight in a report published this week. “I took a different turn. I’ve actually been sending her personal videos.” In the clips, Drew said she’s been focusing on giving Britney “encouragement and just telling her that I think she is the key to her freedom.” Drew went on to say she feels “very invested in” the 39-year-old’s plight. “I think everyone deserves the chance to get their life right, wrong and everything in between,” she explained. “This has become such public interest because it’s about something bigger. It’s about being allowed to live your life. And so, I’m invested in this and I really want her to find her freedom.”

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Jessica Alba says ‘no one believed’ her now billion-dollar brand would succeed

When Jessica Alba took her Honest Company public in May, it was valued at a whopping $1.4 billion. But as she tells People in a new cover story, there were a lot of folks who doubted the actress, 40, could run a successful business at all. “I love facts and data, so whenever there’s a naysayer with a laundry list of why everything shouldn’t happen, I love asking questions,” she explains. “‘Oh really? Why couldn’t this work?’ And then you collect all the data that you need to come in and hit them over the head with it. It’s also the way you deliver it. Because if you deliver it with a smile, it’s just facts.” Jessica launched The Honest Company in 2017 with a dream of creating a sustainable brand of products that would prioritize wellness while protecting the environment. “I actually had the biggest vision right away, and then I had to bring it down to earth,” she shares. “I just knew in my heart that this company should exist. If people knew that they could take their health and wellness into their own hands and make better choices, why wouldn’t you?” Jessica admits that she “didn’t sleep much and worked weekends and obsessed” during the launch phase. “I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, and it’s not freaking fun. So I just had a different mentality or a different drive. I’ve had to pave my own way,” she says. Asked to share her advice with other budding entrepreneurs, Jessica adds, “No one believed I could do it in the first place. If you’re doing something that you haven’t done, or has never been done before, what do you really have to lose?”

Riz Ahmed reveals he lost 20+ pounds in three weeks for ‘intense’ role

For Riz Ahmed, acting comes from a physical place — so when he set out to play a Pakistani rapper battling a serious autoimmune disease in “Mogul Mowgli,” he found his character, in part, by losing an equally serious amount of weight. “I lost 10 kilos [about 22 pounds] in three weeks,” the actor, 38, recently told IndieWire. “I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I had a professional dietician working with me, but it was really grueling and took me emotionally to an intense place, which probably informed the movie,” he explained. “That was a big part of it, being in a place of weakness and fatigue and insatiable hunger.” Referencing a quote he’d heard from a fellow actor, Riz added, “Dan Kaluuya said something I liked: ‘If you’re in your head, you’re dead.’ I think that’s true. Acting has to be in your body. Anything that brings you into your body centers you, and you can perform in that place.”

Mary Steenburgen gushes about newlyweds Charlie McDowell and Lily Collins

Mary Steenburgen is still on Cloud 9 this week after her son, Charlie McDowell married actress Lily Collins over the weekend in Colorado. “Charlie, my son, and Lily, my daughter-in-law!!!” Mary, 68, gushed on Instagram on Sept. 7, sharing a photo of the bride and groom. “Thank you for letting us all bask in the sheer beauty of your love for each other,” the proud mom continued. “My heart is overflowing and it almost feels like the last few days were some sort of beautiful dream. But it is all real, and I feel like the luckiest mother in the world.” Charlie, whose dad is actor Malcolm McDowell, and Lily, whose parents are Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman, announced their engagement about a year ago.

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