Fans Keep Calling Ariana & Pete “Grandson” & Uhhh, People Have A Lot Of Thoughts

This is definitely one for the books. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s couple name is a combination of their names and it’s — wait for it — Grandson. It may be a little strange, but perfect relationship name. And now that Grande and Davidson’s engagement was made official on Instagram Friday, June 15, their ‘ship name will just have to stick.

Just like that, iconic couple names like Brangelina, Bennifer, and Jelena may have officially been followed by none other than Grandson. Shortly after Grande and Davidon’s engagement was reported by Us Weekly on June 11, Refinery29 threw out some potential names for the couple. They included abbreviations like Pariana, Gravidson, and Davande. Among the names was, in fact, Grandson. Now, Twitter is taking it and running with it. Regardless of what happens next for the newly-engaged couple, the nickname Grandson will provide internet fodder for, probably, the rest of time. In other words, Grandson is eternal.

The quick creation of Grandson is fitting for the couple given that their relationship evolved so fast. In May, both broke up with their respective significant others (Mac Miller and Cazzie David). Shortly after, Grande and Davidson’s relationship was revealed, and a few weeks later, on June 11 (will that now be National Grandson Day?) Us Weekly reported the two were engaged.

Fans have a total mix of reactions to Grandson, as they should because the name is pretty bonkers. Arianators are completely here for it and even passionate about it.

Others can’t help but find Grandson completely ridiculous, because, you know, in addition to being a portmanteau of Grande and Davidson, it’s a actual word for someone’s offspring’s male child.

Some are genuinely confused that this is the option fans are running with and are clearly sticking with for the couple.

And some are getting just a little too abbreviation-happy.

The day before Davidson’s sweet Instagram post that captured Grande’s ring, the singer was wearing the engagement ring in public when performing at the 2018 Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Dinner in New York City. And as pointed out by Hollywood Life, Grande was also wearing the ring during an interview, which was on camera, the week before the announcement. Somehow, fans missed it. (Which was pretty hard to do, considering the nearly $100,000 ring is reportedly three carats, according to People.) Seriously, when and how did all of this happen?

Believe it or not, there’s even more craziness where that came from. The internet is buzzing with a viral conspiracy theory on Grande and Davidson’s dating timeline. It started when stand-up comedian Nicole Boyce made an actual calendar to mark the series of events thus far and help with any confusion.

In response, a fan pointed out a crucial missing piece of information. Grande first posted a photo of herself and Davidson on May 31. As the fan points out, however, she was wearing the same outfit, hair, and makeup in a photo she posted May 13, which is when the picture of the couple was most likely taken. But here’s the twist: Davidson’s ex Cazzie David posted a photo of the two captioned "Bffs" just days prior, on May 3. Plus, their breakup was announced May 17.

Mind officially blown.

While fans grapple with this wild theory (and the name Grandson) and others add their two cents about how likely it is that Grande and Davidson will last, it doesn’t make them any less engaged. Long live Grandson. If not in holy matrimony, then at least on the internet.

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