Fans Think Dorit & Erika Are Leaving ‘RHOBH’ & They’re Actually Pretty Happy About It

Big changes might be ahead for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Many are speculating Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley aren’t returning to the franchise. So are Dorit and Erika leaving Real Housewives? Nothing has been confirmed or denied just yet, but recent Instagram posts from the ladies are getting quite the reaction from fans. Bustle has reached out to both Erika and Dorit’s reps and Bravo for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

Before the airing of RHOBH: Secrets Revealed episode Tuesday, Dorit shared an Instagram of herself and her children. Her caption caught the eyes of many, because it can be read as an official and final goodbye to the reality series.

She wrote,

First, for those unaware, Evolution Media is the production company for RHOBH and several other Bravo shows. Of course, this could simply be the Beverly Beach designer’s way of saying farewell to Season 8, since the Secrets Revealed episode was the last one of the season. Or, it could be her way of teasing her exit as a Housewife.

As for Erika, on May 8, she posted an Instagram of herself on stage and next to it she cryptically wrote, "ERIKA has left the building." She also turned off the comments for this particular IG. She posted it after the third and final RHOBH Season 8 reunion aired on May 8. This might have been her response to it, like Erika is moving on from this drama and starting fresh next season. Or, her way of saying she’s done with RHOBH.

According to Instagram account therealhousewivesofbh, Erika is leaving, per an unidentified source. "The word is out, Erika Jayne has indeed left the #RHOBH building! A source close to Erika claps back and defends her by saying, ‘This is TV. The show would not be where it is today without Erika. Just wait to next season and you will understand!’"

Regarding Erika’s reported departure, Twitter user @DeeRHOYT posted on April 28, "Hearing that @erikajayne has quit #RHOBH and that a statement will be published after this season airs. Could just be a [rumor], however after this season plus Reunion Part 1, I would not be surprised if this was true. And I can’t say I would care either, bye girl!" It’s unclear where @DeeRHOYT learned this information.

Whatever Erika and Dorit mean with their Instagrams, it seems many fans are totally OK if they’ve taken their final bows. Actually, it sounds like some fans think RHOBH would be better without them.

Bye, Go Home

Channeling their inner NeNe Leakes.

Please Say "Yes"

It’s like saying yes to the dress.

Wishes Have Been Granted

A wish is a dream your heart makes.

Dorit’s Possible Exit Calls For Celebration

"Thank you, Lord!"

*Fingers Crossed*

Dorit, you won’t be missed by this fan, apparently.

They’re A Package Deal

This certainly would open the door for Camille Grammer.

They Are No Longer Welcome

They shall not pass.

In Season 8, Dorit and Erika weren’t fan-favorites. If you followed the live tweets each Tuesday, they received a lot of hate with every new episode. Dorit wasn’t really been beloved from her Season 7 debut and the whole "Pantygate" incident, but she dug herself an even bigger grave this season. If you think about it, she argued with everyone this season, except for Erika and Lisa Rinna. Then, there is former favorite Erika. As soon as she yelled at Teddi after the "pretend amnesia" comment, many of her fans hopped off the "I love Erika" train.

Take a quick scroll through Twitter and you can see how many don’t root for them, but especially Erika now. As one person tweeted, "#RHOBH I’m sorry I CANNOT stand Erika anymore! What happened to the chill down to earth lady of her first season? She is condescending and rude for no reason which is a bad look. She was my favorite before this season."

Dorit spoke with Entertainment Tonight in April about her future as a Housewife and admitted she had to think about whether or not she’d return for another season. "I think once we finish the season, my husband and I can sit down and have a chat and see where we are in our lives and what we want to do," sh said. "I would like to take a vacation [first]!"

However you feel about Dorit and Erika, if they both were to leave, there’s no denying RHOBH would be a totally different show — and in a good way for the fans above.

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