Farrah Abraham Tests Positive For Drugs On ‘Face The Truth’ — See The Shocking Results

Yikes! Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham tested positive for drugs on the Sept. 17 episode of ‘Face The Truth.’ See how she reacted to the results, here!

Farrah Abraham, 27, was hit with some not so pleasant news, when she filmed the Sept. 17 episode of Face The Truth. After taking a drug test on the show, the results revealed that she tested positive for barbiturates. While the former Teen Mom OG star has been at the center of drug rumors in recent years, she seemed shocked by the results. “She did test positive for barbiturates,” Judge Mary A. Chrzanowski said. “But that could be a prescribed drug. If her doctor legally prescribed barbiturates for her then that’s fine. A barbiturate is a central nervous system depressant. There are some prescribed medications.”

However, Farrah denied any barbiturate use, saying she doesn’t take sleep aids or mood stabilizers. She then accused producers of switching the test. Host Vivica A. Fox took offense to Farrah’s accusation and asked her why she would even suggest such a thing. But Farrah didn’t care who she offended — she just did whatever she could to deny the claim.

Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen, however, didn’t seem shocked by the news. “She was so adamant that it wasn’t true. I said someone might have given you something that you think is something else. Go to the doctor and ask them. Barbiturates aren’t a fashionable drug. Part of me wants to believe she is taking something she doesn’t understand,” she said.

Over the weekend, Farrah took to Instagram to address the positive test results, saying, “Some non credible host has 4 other women degrade, hate and act like their credible yet can’t even show respect for them selves … let’s just say crap like this is disgusting probably already canceled & she has to pay her audience and guests heavily to even tolerate this backwards thinking what about women lifting women up?” Yikes!

Farrah and Debra have been estranged for nearly a year, and the last time Debra saw her granddaughter Sophia was in Oct. 2016. But the show brought them back together. “We text a little bit here and there,” Debra said. “It did help. It’s better. Is it a happy family? No. But it helped. I saw Sophia for about 10 minutes. It was bittersweet.”

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