Farrah Abraham Throws Shade At Bristol Palin: She Should Leave ‘Teen Mom’

Although Farrah Abraham has ‘moved on’ from ‘Teen Mom’, she still knows what goes on, including Bristol Palin’s comment where she compared Farrah to Jerry Springer. Now, Farrah’s firing back and she says Bristol can’t handle being on the show!

Just because Farrah Abraham, 27, isn’t working with MTV on Teem Mom OG any longer, she still caught wind of the shade Bristol Palin, 28, threw her way on December 11. Palin’s went on a rant about how she doesn’t like the way MTV portrays her on the parenting reality show. And, she said in part: “All they want with my little segment each week is some fake fill-in Farrah Abraham/Jerry Springer BS.” And, Abraham is firing back, basically saying, ‘Hey, if you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen’ … aka, “leave Teen Mom!”

“I mean, she doesn’t matter to me and nor does ‘Teen Mom’,” Abraham told TMZ while catching a flight to LA on Thursday, December 13. “I’ve left the ‘Jerry Springer’ sh-t, if you will,” she continued, referencing Palin’s comment. Abraham went on to slam the show that once helped catapult her to fame. ” And, the only thing that the ‘Teen Moms’ and MTV use my name for is to get attention for the show and that paid for the publicity of the show. I definitely don’t edit it and I think Bristol [Palin] isn’t prepared to be on national television, or on ‘Teen Mom’, or understand production or TV anymore and that’s why she brings my name into it, to blame someone who has nothing to do with it.”

And, she wasn’t done there. Abraham also added that she believes Palin wants her level of fame, but simply can’t handle what it takes to get there. “But, again, I would hope that she wouldn’t move to a place where I live, where I do business or and try to mimic or imitate me,” Abraham said. “I’m an amazing mother, I don’t know about her, if she makes the best choices for her life, maybe MTV and maybe ‘Teen Mom’ isn’t the best choice. So, I wish her all the best. I think she just wants to be a Farrah Abraham herself, like many of the other women who say they just hate me or think the worst of me. But then, they only wish they could have what I have… I don’t think she’s prepared for ‘Teen Mom’. I think she should just leave if she can’t handle the heat.”

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