Fashion expert reveals 3 prints that will make you look outdated

I’m a fashion expert and these are the 3 prints that will make you look outdated in 2023

  • Sarah, 29, from the US, ‘camo’ prints are outdated and she’s never been a fan
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A popular fashion expert has revealed three prints she reckons will leave you looking ‘outdated’ in 2023.

Identical twin sisters Sarah and Leah Brzyski, who live in Michigan and Connecticut, run popular TikTok account @two_scoops_of_style, and regularly update fans on the latest style trends.

Sarah, 29, took to the platform recently to share a clip revealing the three staple prints that she believes are outdated in 2023.

Among them, she recommended swapping the evergreen ‘camo’ look for any other green print, and never mixing a combination of prints together. 

Sarah said: ‘If you’re wearing one of these three prints, your clothes could be making you look outdated.’

Sarah Brzyski, 29, from the US, took to TikTok to reveal three fashion prints she believed were outdated in 2023

She recommended swapping the ‘camo’ look for any other green pieces, which left viewers unimpressed

‘Number one is camo print. I have never been a fan of camo print but it’s definitely time to clear it out for 2023.’

‘You can easily replace this with some solid green pieces to put in your closet.’

The fashion expert continued: ‘Number two, the culturally appropriated Aztec print or tribal print – it’s time to clear those pieces out of the closet.

‘They are not coming back.’

She explained: ‘Number three is colorblock, especially when it’s a combination of colors and prints. Especially with the army print and the stripes.’

‘It’s just like way too much. Clear it out.’

She added: ‘Go for something solid colored or plain striped. This is just a lot.’

The fashionista ended the video by asking fans if they would like to see the opposite – and learn about three prints that are ‘super on trend’ for 2023.

The video has racked up over 200 comments, with some people even questioning the fashionista’s sense of style

Unfortunately, viewers were having none of it and responded to the video with disdain for the fashion lover’s tips.

The video has since gained 390,000 views and racked up over 200 comments.

One person replied: ‘It’s 2023. Wear whatever the hell you want.’

Another person wrote: ‘The sooner women wear what they like and are comfortable in rather than what is decided for them the better.’

A third responded: ‘The Aztec print is used in the Western/country fashion community so I don’t think it’s outdated.’

Someone asked: ‘What about the print you’re wearing? Laugh out loud.’

Meanwhile, one person declared their love for ‘camo’ prints, adding: ‘I love camo and will always wear it.’ 

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