Fears of Easter weekend washout after sunny weather spell for Britain

Forecasters fear Easter will be a washout after sunny weather this weekend.

Britain and Northern Ireland should see long spells of sunshine but the mercury will struggle to get into double figures.

It could be as low as 8C in some places on the east coast with warmer weather on the west.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: "Temperatures are colder for this time of year. They should be about 13C."

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said: "Towards the end of the day, there will be some rain reaching for the west of Cornwall and the western parts of Northern Ireland.

"Temperatures will slide to 10-12C in the west of the UK, whilst the east will increase to 8-10C.

"It will be another chilly feeling day, but it won't be bad if you are under the sun."

Tomorrow will be less sunny but should still dry apart from patchy rain in Cornwall and Northern Ireland.

There will be more rain in the Easter weekend.

Met Office forecaster Richard Miles said: "It's looking like we could see a bit of rain over Easter, especially in the western parts of the UK.

"Temperatures could be slightly above average for the weekend itself… I wouldn't rule out snow in parts of Scotland."

Predictions that temperatures will saw to 24C next weekend have been dampened due to expected rain.

Brian Gaze, meteorologist for The Weather Outlook, thinks the cold weather will last until the weekend.

He told The Sun Online: "Daytime temperatures will be below average and nights are likely to be particularly cold for mid April with widespread frosts.

“Temperatures could dip down to -5C locally, for example in the Welsh valleys on Saturday and Sunday morning.

“On the plus side there should be a lot of bright sunshine, although in the east scattered wintry showers are possible this weekend."

Today will see lows of 6C in northern Scotland, with Cardiff and London enjoying the warmest weather.

The Met Office said of today: "Mostly dry with sunny spells, best of which will be in the north and west.

"Cloudier at times in the eastern and central England, with a scattering of mostly light showers. Breezy, making it feel rather chilly despite the sunshine."

Tomorrow will see: "Largely dry with sunny spells, although scattered showers possible in eastern areas, with perhaps some rain in western Northern Ireland and Cornwall. Windy in the west, with coastal gales."

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