Final ‘Destiny 2’ Iron Banner Of Season 2 Drops As Bungie Gears Up For ‘Warmind’ Release

Bungie teases new lore and free digital comic for ‘Destiny 2: Warmind.’

The final Iron Banner of Destiny 2 Season 2 arrived Tuesday as Bungie is gearing up for the start of Season 3 and the release of the Warmind expansion next week. The studio is sharing more lore narrative about the venture to Mars and plans on releasing another free digital comic soon for fans on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC to read and debate.

Closing Out Iron Banner Season 2

Iron Banner is now available in Destiny 2 through 12 p.m. ET on Tuesday, May 8. This is the final Iron Banner event of Season 2 and will be players’ last chance to earn the Season 2 Ornaments. These will make way for new ornaments to collect in Season 3 and will not be available in the game’s loot pool.

The format for this event is the same as the last Iron Banner with 6v6 Control and rules that are more akin to the game mode from Destiny 1. Bungie added this tweak with the “Go Fast” update, and it has greatly increased interest for many in the game’s community.

Those who wish to complete their Iron Banner collections can purchase the Jorum’s Claw Pulse Rifle, Orimund’s Anvil Auto Rifle, and Orewing’s Maul Grenade Launcher directly from Lord Saladin. He also has all five armor pieces for each Guardian class.

Warmind Developer Preview

Bungie Sandbox Design Lead Josh Hamerick and Senior PVP Designer Kevin Yanes both appeared in a Developer Insights video to talk a little about the upcoming Exotic weapon and Crucible changes. Those changes have been covered extensively at Inquisitr, but the two developers gave a high-level overview while showing some more of the goodies coming next week.

For those that don’t know, Exotic Masterwork weapons are coming to Destiny 2 and will send players on to obtain a Catalyst to boost a weapon to Masterwork level via a stat increase or new weapon effect. Each quest will be slightly different, and some will be more difficult to obtain than others.

Meanwhile, many of the existing Exotic weapons will receive buffs to make them either more powerful or unique. The example shown in the Developer Insights video is for the Tractor Cannon Shotgun. This was classified as a “fun” exotic previously for its ability to knock enemies into walls or over cliffs. It will receive the added ability to make it so hitting an enemy in PVE will cause that enemy to receive precision damage from all Void-based sources. Meanwhile, PVP opponents will receive a debuff that knocks out Super abilities and the ability to jump.

Warmind Lore

Lore is an important part of Destiny 2 for many fans, and Bungie is beginning to prep some of that now. A narrative preview posted to Bungie’s official website features Grimoire-like entries from Tyra Karn, the Cryptarch, and Commander Zavala discussing Mars, Rasputin, and more. There’s also an entry for the Hive’s Xol. This creature has been referenced many times through armor, Grimoire cards, and other places.

Finally, a free Destiny: Warmind digital comic featuring Anna Bray will be available starting Wednesday, April 2 directly from Bungie’s website. The comic is written by Mark Waid (Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man) and David Rodriguez with inks provided by Kris Anka (Runaways).

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