Five Must Own Cards From ‘Lightseekers Awakening’

You’ll want to own these five ‘Lightseekers Awakening’ cards in your collection.

It’s the nature of collectible card games for not all cards to be created equal. Oftentimes cards at higher rarities will have a more powerful effect than those below it, but not always. Lightseekers is no exception, and despite there being over 300 cards in the game’s first set, Lightseekers Awakening, there are five which stand out above all overs. You’ll want to own these five Lightseekers Awakening cards in your collection.


Exclusively featured in the Nature Starter Deck, Treanu is arguably the most powerful Nature Hero card in the set. Treanu allows you to draw two cards, at the cost of giving your opponent three life. Card advantage can be key to winning a long game, and Treanu isn’t the only card on our list which draws you cards.

Dolo the Mighty

Dolo the Mighty from the Mountain Starter Deck is the best Mountain Hero card we’ve seen so far. Dolo the Mighty outclasses many other Hero cards from other factions too. Taking two damage to draw two cards is incredibly potent. When you throw in buffs that reduce the amount of damage you take by two, then there’s no downside to Dolo the Mighty.

Tantosian Blacksmith

If you plan on playing a multicolored Lightseekers deck, then you absolutely need to have a full playset of three Tantosian Blacksmith. This powerful uncommon lets you search your deck for any item card and put it into play. Having access to your deck’s colors is pivotal if you want to be able to play all of the cards in your hand.

Umbron Informant

This unaligned uncommon allows you to draw cards until you have the same number of cards as your opponent. If you’re down to just one or two cards in your hand and your opponent has six or seven, then you’ll gain five cards. The potential for Umbron Informant to provide a massive amount of card advantage solidifies its spot on our top five must own cards from Lightseekers Awakening.

Kreebal Potion Master

If there’s anything that we’ve learned from playing Lightseekers, it’s that cards that heal you are much more potent in Lightseekers than they are in other collectible trading card games. Kreebal Potion Master is a rare unaligned buff that reduces the amount that your opponent can heal by three on corners one and two, and by two on corners three and four.

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