‘The Four’ Live Blog: The Finalists Try To Hold Onto Their Seats As The Competition Heats Up

Another week, another set of challengers who have come to try and steal a seat on ‘The Four!’ Can these competitors unseat one of the current finalists? Keep up with our live blog!

After a week hiatus, The Four is back! The four current finalists started the episode off with a stellar rendition of The Weeknd‘s hit track, “Can’t Feel My Face.” The tune started off with a rap by Sharaya J, followed up with James Graham‘s smooth vocals. Then newest finalist Ali Caldwell came out and killed her verse with Jesse Kramer rocking out for the rest.

The first challenger up was 16-year-old Dylan Jacob who promised to make a “new classic” with a remix of Craig Mack‘s “Flava In Ya Ear.” The kid’s got talent! Judge DJ Khaled loved the performance as did fellow judges Meghan Trainor and Diddy. And there we have it – the first challenge of the night! Dylan decided to take on resident rap queen Sharaya! This teen must really love a challenge because Sharaya has been holding onto her original seat from week to week. She knows how to slay a song! But that’s what this competition is all about. It’s time for a rap battle, y’all!

Sharaya came in hot with a fierce performance of “She’s A B**ch” by Missy Elliot. Not only did she absolutely nail her vocals, but she ended the track with some killer dance moves. Yes queen! Dylan took a major risk by following up with an original track called “Dat Cheese.” Even Meghan needed to admit that the teenager was the toughest competitor Sharaya has been up against, but still had to give it to Sharaya for coming out with her strongest performance to date. The audience agreed, and voted for Sharaya to keep her seat for yet another week!

Next up was Baltimore native Jade Milan who came prepared with “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. She hit a few good notes, but Khaled thought it wasn’t the greatest song choice, and Diddy wanted goosebumps but felt like they weren’t delivered. Unfortunately the judges just weren’t feeling it and she didn’t get the chance to challenge.

Ronnie Smith Jr. from Miami was the next challenger! From the first note of his take on Usher‘s “U Don’t Have To Call,” we knew this was going to be good! Even Meghan looked a little surprised by how great of a start he had. He followed through with his smooth vocals and fun stage presence. Khaled thought it was “cool” and Meghan appreciated the little moments he had. With such high praise from the judges, of course he got a challenge!

Ronnie didn’t want to take his challenge lightly, confessing that he “came to challenge the beast” aka James! The British crooner took the stage where he basically put every audience member into a trance with an emotional performance of “On Bended Knee” by Boyz II Men. Ronnie didn’t take his battle lightly, providing a powerful rendition of Mario‘s “Let Me Love You.” However, his all just wasn’t enough to defeat the OG finalist. James has secured the bag for another week!

Onto the next challenger! Noah Barlass took the stage next for a slowed down version of Maren Morris and Zedd‘s hit collaboration, “The Middle.” His unique take captivated Meghan who thought he was “so different” and “really talented.” Diddy said his voice “was special” but wasn’t so sure about Noah’s stage presence.

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