‘The Four’ Live Blog: New Contestants Challenge The First Round Singers In Epic Auditions

‘The Four’ continues with a round of badass contestants competing to be the one! Keep checking our live blog for updates on all the performances and the judges’ reactions!

Welcome back to The Four! The season premiere last week was so damn intense that we were wondering how the performers could top it. Like, Rebecca Black — “Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday” Rebecca Black — showed up out of nowhere. But it’s clear now that things are just starting to get good. The episode started with a sexy group performance by the current Four — James Graham, Majeste Pearson, Sharaya J, and Stephanie Zaleya — rising out of the audience to slay “All The Stars” by Kendrick Lamar and SZA. They got a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. Diddy said he was “very impressed” by their talent.

We learn that the current Four got backstage passes for the iHeart Radio Awards, where they got to hang with judge Meghan Trainor before she hit the stage for her performance. Even better? They met the Backstreet Boys. Sadly, Sharaya had to fly home to Atlanta for cancer treatment and missed the whole thing. This incredible woman flew back to LA the next day to rehearse for tonight’s episode! Now, we meet the next four contestants!

First up it Whitney Rain from Atlanta. From 2013-2015 she was signed with Island Def Jam Records! After that, she got pregnant, and she wants back in the game for her son! She gives a gorgeous (and sexy af) performance of Julia Michaels‘ “Issues”. The others look very concerned while watching her. Meghan tells her that she has a “magical gift that not everyone has,” the ability to entertain the room, no matter if there are 300 or three people there! DJ Khaled wants her to go harder, though. And Diddy calls her singing “average.”

But…she gets through! Whitney challenges Stephanie, who goes first. It’s savage. She does “On The Floor” by Jennifer Lopez, and she knows how to work the camera. It helps that she’s also wearing sequin bellbottoms while she’s dancing, to be honest. Whitney claps back with a stunning rendition of James Brown‘s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”. It gets Meghan on her feet, and Khaled pulls out a candle and an air horn to bring out the good vibes.

Just a small issue…when he blows the horn, the candle blows up in his face! While the fireball is huge, he comes out unscathed. But whatever, because Stephanie has been unseated! Whitney is now one of The Four! Next up is De’Stani Bryant, an adorable 16-year-old who belts the hell out of Monica‘s “So Gone”. Everyone loves her, but they’re worried that she’s too young for this. She wants to prove them wrong! Sadly, De’Stani did not get the chance to challenge. But Diddy gives her some fatherly advice: he wants her to hone her craft, work hard, and come back later. She can do this!


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